Obama signed a resolution on the supply of the Syrian opposition to...

Obama signed a resolution on the supply of the Syrian opposition to deal with “IG”

Obama signed a resolution on the supply of the Syrian opposition to deal with

President Barack Obama on Friday signed anadopted before both houses of Congress resolution that will allow the American military to conduct training and provide moderate Syrian opposition fighters, including “Free Syrian Army” to fight the extremist group “Islamic State” (“IG”) ITAR-TASS.

The author of this document was made chairman of the Committee on Armed Services House of Representatives, Republican Howard McKeon. It deals with the supply of the Syrian opposition fighters, as well as training programs. In this case, the resolution does not provide for sending combat troops of the American armed forces in the fight against the IG.Moreover, American instructors will conduct training insurgents in Syria and in neighboring countries. It is allocated 500 million dollars.

In addition the law provides for total funding of the government after the end of the fiscal year on September 30. This eliminates the possibility of termination.The total allocated amount is $ 1 trillion. Of these, 88 million will be spent on the fight against Ebola virus in West Africa.

The document passed through Congress without any problems, although initially a number of experts promised him obstacles in the Senate. But in the end on September 17 it was supported by 273 members of the House of Representatives (156 were against), and on September 18 the text has passed through the Senate with 78 votes “for” and 22 votes “against”. Some politicians in the discussion of the text only pointed to the fact that the train and give weapons to the rebels need not prone to extremism. That same evening, President Obama thanked Congress for working together. According to him, it demonstrates the unity of the nation in the face of an external threat posed by the “IG”.

The process of learning the Syrian rebels will start in three to four months. As explained on Friday during a regular press briefing Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby, a training course of the United States and its allies for the first group of representatives of the so-called “moderate” forces of the Syrian opposition is designed for eight to twelve months. According to him, “during which time they will teach basic military skills that will enable them to create basic defenses.” Kirby said that “the Syrian opposition will perform three tasks: to protect the civilian population, to confront the militants,” an Islamic state “and destroy them, and, of course, deal with the Assad regime.” “Weapons, which will be delivered to them, allow you to perform all three functions of one mission,” – said a Pentagon spokesman.

On Wednesday, the American government has reported that Saudi Arabia has decided to become a “full partner” the United States in the implementation of this program. It is planned that it will be implemented in the territory of the kingdom.

It is expected that initially the Syrian rebels will be equipped only with small arms, but then be able to get more complex weapons.

In June, the newspaper The Los Angeles Times reported that experts from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has prepared and supplied a small group of rebels, numbering from 20 to 25 people, based in Jordan.

USA: in Syria appeared much more dangerous group “Islamic State”

American intelligence agencies reported that Syria acts terrorist organization “Khorasan”, which is a branch of “Al-Qaeda”. “Khorasan”, according to experts in Washington, DC, for the United States is more dangerous than the “Islamic state”, according to NEWSru Israel .

“Khorasan”, in contrast to the “IG”, does not aim to capture territory. The organization specializes in terrorist attacks against civilian aircraft. Members of this group arrived in Syria from the area on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan to recruit militants from the number of European and American citizens to carry out terrorist attacks in Western countries. All arrived in Syria terrorists “Khorasan” have experience fighting on Afghan territory.

According to the director of the National Intelligence Service SSCHA James Clapper, the threat to the security of the United States from the “Khorasan” is superior to the threat posed by “Islamic state.” The leadership group included Ibrahim al-Asiri, a specialist in the production of explosives. Grouping is subject to Ayman al-Zawahiri, who led the “Al-Qaeda” after the elimination of Osama bin Laden.

Historical region of Khorasan is located in Central Asia.

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