The official ball of the World Cup will shoot panoramic video

The official ball of the World Cup will shoot panoramic video


To promote the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Adidas has built into the official ball of the tournament 6 small HD-cameras. They are able to capture panoramic video in good quality.

It was always interesting to see the world “through the eyes” flying ball into the goal? Now, such a possibility. Of course, balls cameras already exist, but Adidas made ​​the first football shot, shoot video at 360 degrees.

Brazucam, namely the so-called novelty in the following weeks will travel the world and “visit” training teams of leading world powers (for example, Spain, Germany and England). Naturally, the players at the training camp will play it with this ball.

To the image is not easily blurred, the camera uses special image stabilizers.

Watch for travel Bazucam possible through his official twitter and YouTube-channel Adidas. So far, the network was loaded with only one promotional video, and in it, unfortunately, quite a few shots taken with the help of the ball. But the German company promises to “fix” and release a large amount of content for seven weeks.

“Geeks” as frustrating as the lack of any technical information about Bazucam: no camera models, nor the names used stabilization technology. It is also unclear what will happen with the ball in the future.