Oliver Cooper: “I did not want to smoke along with David Duchovny”

Oliver Cooper: “I did not want to smoke along with David Duchovny”


The new face of the series Californication, actor Oliver Cooper, who had already lighted in the premiere of the final season, talked about getting the role, and also shared his impressions of the filming and chat with David Duchovny. 

Attention interview contains spoilers for the first episode of the season! 

I never would have guessed myself that this Levon – son Hank Moody … 

Yes, and I probably would not have guessed in your place. 


There were many contenders for the role? 

It was the usual listening to the crowd that came thick guys who looked like me. We did not know that trying to be the son of Hank. We were told that Levon – just annoying interviewer, which should appear in eight episodes. That’s it. 

David gave some recommendations? For example, how should behave scion Moody? 

At the end of the first episode was the scene when Hank hears confession Levonand so typically flicking a cigarette. David asked me if I wanted to smoke at the same time with him. He directed the first series, and it seemed that it would be correct. But we abandoned the idea of simultaneous Booster, as it did not fit into the image of this strange boy. 

Whatever became Levon if grown with his father? 

It would be much better than now, and just be able to properly talk to girls.Communication with only one mom made ​​it so frostbitten. 

It was your first job on TV, is not it? How impressions? 

Yes, it was my first time and I enjoyed it to the full … the young actor is not easy to get a big role, and television is a huge plus is that you can develop your character for a long time. 


You deliberately go on the way Jonah Hill, increasingly prone to dramatic roles? 

I’m not trying to play only in dramas, but my favorite movies and TV shows – the ones that show the reality. “Kalifornikeyshn” – a comedy series, but it is down to earth, this is not a sitcom. I would like to act in more projects in the same spirit. 

Strongly if Duchovny as a director differ from other directors of this TV show? 

Not much. This series – as a machine with appropriate mechanisms, especially in the seventh season. Everything went very smoothly. On TV every director must shoot your scene to match the style of the show – then the audience will be interested. All major decisions in the television industry producers take the show and not the director. It’s not like, like in the movies. 


How do you deal with Heather Graham? Again, I can not imagine her son Levon, but with your characters looked good … 

She is incredibly sweet person, an amazing woman! We look good together, because she, too, are a beginner. Our characters chemistry emerged, as they say, right off the bat. But all the actors on the set played great!