Olivia Cook: “Bates Motel gets bright colors”

Olivia Cook: “Bates Motel gets bright colors”


Olivia Cook, who plays Emma in the series’ “Bates Motel», spoke about the work on the second season of the drama channel A & E, collaboration with colleagues and the future of her character. 

Possible spoilers! 

What event of the first season was a surprise for you?

I was surprised when I heard that Emma will be working at the motel. I’m happy about this news, because I wanted to make my character more time spent in the company of Norman and Norma.


What do you like Emma?

The disease has allowed my character to understand the value of every minute.She never beat around the bush, and takes matters into his own hands. Emmasays what he thinks. I like it because in real life I’m on my character is completely different. I’m glad I got this role.

Tell whether the writers about their plans in advance?

I recognize the course of the story just from the script the next series. Sometimes creators begin to talk about plans for a third season … But I would like to know at least that they are preparing our heroes in the next series.

Is there a difference in performance between the first and second season of the show?

This time the shooting started in the summer, but because the plot of the series began to acquire bright colors. Even motel now looks different. But tune in a relaxed way, of course, is not necessary. The second season will give viewers a lot of crazy twists.


Many of the characters are immersed in darkness, but Emma is a ray of light …

Nice to be positive heroine who empathize with the audience. But sometimes I think that gets the bad guys have all the fun. I would not mind if Emma was somehow connected with the murder. It is unlikely, of course, is capable of … Perhaps for Norman she would be able to kill. Anyway, Emma might well conceal the evidence or to help dispose of the body.


Audiences love scenes together Emma and Norma …

Emma sets the standards for a lot of strange questions. My character sees her as a mother, and therefore does not hesitate to speak with owner of the motel on a variety of topics. Follow our heroines very interesting.

Do you like to work with Vera Farmiga?

She’s just gorgeous. Every scene she gives all his strength. I never studied acting, and therefore pleased to be able to watch the game Faith, trying to match her ​​level.

Will there be a fan of Emma’s?

Yes. Finally, viewers will see my heroine relationship with someone other thanNorman.


To establish whether the relationship between Emma and Norman?

I thought about this question during a break between seasons. I think it will be difficult to establish a relationship. Personally, I think that is not in the character ofEmma would just pretend that nothing happened. But we have a Freddie Highmorewill be many scenes together in the second season. We became friends with him is great.