On the terrace of the Madrid hotel Wellington appeared the world’s largest...

On the terrace of the Madrid hotel Wellington appeared the world’s largest urban garden

On the terrace of the Madrid hotel Wellington appeared the world's largest urban garden

In Madrid at Wellington gets its very own garden. The total planted area is 325 square meters. Garden located on the roof of the hotel. Its area makes it the largest urban vegetable garden in the world today. In order to create such planatsiyu roof, took a few dozen pairs of hands, and the long planning and 1,800 bags to the ground, the weight of each at the same time is about 80 kg. Land was brought from Tudela. At the Madrid high-rise garden, it was decided to re-create the local climatic conditions.

In addition to the garden, on the roof was created high-tech irrigation system. According to the creators, for watering the garden takes up to 20 liters of water. The whole procedure is carried out automatically, people perform a supervisory function. On hot days, the water supply can be increased. Grow a variety of vegetables in the garden, which are used here in a local restaurant, Wellington. Created garden was in March this year. The hotel management said that, most likely, the garden on the roof will continue to exist and further, as to the “fresh” products in the restaurant is very well treated guests of the hotel.

The idea of ​​creating a vegetable garden on the roof of Wellington Moratelyu belonged to Manuel, the owner of the hotel. According to him, the decision to create the garden he took alone after visited other major cities and around and realized the importance of mini-gardens in modern cities. Was appointed head of the garden Floren Domesain, director of restaurant Raíces, located in the hotel. He said that the vegetables from the garden on the roof of the hotel used in the dishes of the restaurant for several months. The chief executive of a very positive attitude to this kind of ideas and expressed the hope that other restaurants will follow their path.