20.02.2014 9:15

Opel prepares for the premiere of a compact crossover with a hole in the roof

At the Geneva Motor Show Opel demonstrate psevdovnedorozhnuyu version of its smallest model – hatchback Adam. From the “grandparent” the car has a more aggressive design, increased ground clearance and a sliding roof. In addition, under the hood Adam Rocks can discover new motor.

Judging from the distribution of the photographs, serial Adam Rocks hardly differs from the concept car shown last year. He got the same protective kit of unpainted plastic, modified suspension (by which increased by 15 mm clearance) and using the emerging electric roof. Manufacturer has already said that the substitution for conventional folding roof neither rigidity nor the luggage capacity is not affected. On the other hand, Adam Rocks, like most similar machines, does not look full gig as elements of the superstructure remain in place and the movable roof is essentially a very large hatch.


Retain serial crossover and promised a year ago many personalization options. In addition to an abundance of exterior colors, a minimum of three shades for fabric top and a large number of wheels in different designs Opel Adam Rocks and get plenty of opportunities trim. By the way, one of the finishing lines directly migrated to Adam Rocks from last year’s concept.

Motor range crossover will make three in five engine boost. Should be the favorite, of course, a brand new three-cylinder 1-liter engine that produces 90 horsepower and 115. Apart from him, the cross-hatch will receive engines of 1.2 and 1.4 liters, is already set hatchback Adam.
Opel Adam Rocks sales should start in August this year. Producer prices will be announced closer to the time the new items from dealers.