Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

Oukitel U20 Plus was released in 2016. With a minimum price tag, it got a Full HD screen from Sharp and a dual main camera. The price Oukitel U20 Plus is about 95 USD, but there are often offers at a discount, so you can get smartphone for $90.

Oukitel U20 Plus: Design

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

Oukitel U20 Plus is presented in three color options: golden, pink and gray. The case is plastic, and dimensions are following: 154 x 77.5 x 8.5 mm, weight is 195 g.

The front part is covered with a curved 2.5D glass. Touch navigation keys – without backlight.

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

On the left side there are power and lock buttons. On the right – a hybrid tray for SIM and flash drives. The lower edge has a MicroUSB connector (without OTG support), and symmetrical holes on the sides. One of them is the speaker, the second – microphone. On the top face is 3.5 mm connector for headphones.

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

The fingerprint reader can be found on the back panel. It works quite accurately and fast, but more expensive models it works many times faster. Fingerprint reader supports various gestures.

Video Review:

Oukitel U20 Plus: CPU

The manufacturer has equipped Oukitel U20 Plus with MediaTek MT6737T processor. The prefix “T” in the title is from the word Turbo.  MT6737 has increased frequency of 4 cores Cortex A53 up to 1.5 GHz. For the graphics component meets graphics chip Mali T720 MP2. In AnTuTu, processor is gaining about 40 thousand scores.

It is good result, even for budget smartphone. But Oukitel U20 Plus can not cope with Asphalt 8 at the maximum graphics settings. SoC MT6737t was designed specifically to support Full HD displays. However, the processor and graphics chip are still not enough to handle “heavy” 3D games at this resolution.

User interface, browser and applications, as well as video playback, smartphone does not hang. Performance is sufficient to solve trivial tasks.

Oukitel U20 Plus: Memory

Oukitel U20 Plus has 2 GB of RAM, and about half “eat off” system processes. This is more than enough to provide adequate performance in most operating scenarios, and simultaneously launch the most needed applications.

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

Internal memory is 16 GB, from which user has 9.8 GB. If you need additional free space, you can always use microSD flash drive up to 128 GB.

Oukitel U20 Plus: Battery

The claimed battery capacity Oukitel U20 Plus is 3300 mAh. The figures are confirmed by the result of measurement using a tester. But in terms of autonomy – nothing special. The battery is confident enough for a full working day. With Internet turned off, smartphone can play HD video from the local storage for more than 8 hours (50% backlight). Full charge of the battery takes about 4 hours.

Oukitel U20 Plus: Camera

The main camera of Oukitel U20 Plus has 2 sensors. The main one is 13 megapixels Sony IMX135 without interpolation, f/2.0 aperture. Also it is equipped with second sensor with a resolution of 0.3 MP. It is intended purely for measuring the depth of field. The “second eye” does not affect on quality of photos. It helps to blur the background, simulating the opening and closing of diaphragm. The function is activated when the SLR shooting mode is selected.

But the chip is implemented very crookedly. The background is only blurred in a circle, you can only narrow or increase its area, and adjust the intensity of the blur with the slider. So it’s not necessary to count on getting a quality bokeh effect. With some skill with the help of graphical editors, you can achieve a much better result.

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99 Oukitel U20 Plus Review smartphone with dual camera for $89.99

With a good lighting level, photos are, surprisingly, quite detailed, to the best of contrast and saturated. Sometimes pictures suffer from overexposure (the sky turns into a bright and white background).

The maximum resolution of the recorded video is Full HD, at 30 FPS. The picture quality is not bad, but when recording with hands the image shakes, the electronic stabilization situation does not save. The quality of night video is very mediocre. The front camera at 5 MP has fixed focus. In good lighting, the result is satisfactory.

Oukitel U20 Plus: Display

With a price around $100, Oukitel U20 Plus received a wonderful 5.5-inch IPS display from Sharp, with a resolution of 1920×1080 (FullHD). The pixel density is 401 ppi. If you look at the corners, the image does not fade and not inverted. The brightness margin is sufficient to ensure good readability in the sun. Color rendition is not bad. You can customize the display settings with the built-in utility MiraVision.

Touchscreen works for 5 simultaneous touches. There are no problems with the accuracy and sensitivity of the sensor. But at the bottom of the screen is a strange, very narrow strip. You can not see it in applications, and while viewing photos and videos. But when reading the text, it manifests itself, distorting it on that small area. There are suggestions that this software bug: after factory reset the strip disappears for some time.

Oukitel U20 Plus: Connectivity

The hybrid tray Oukitel U20 Plus can simultaneously work with one microSIM, and one nano-SIM card. It supports 2G, 3G and 4G networks (B1 / 3/7/8/20). Smartphone confidently keeps communication, both in large settlements, and in more remote ones. The set of wireless modules includes dual-band (5 and 2.4 GHz) WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

the situation is ambiguous with navigation. Satellites GPS and GLONASS, regardless of the weather, smartphone finds without the Internet. Connects to them within five seconds. The location is determined correctly. However, using this smartphone as a navigator will be problematic. The track arbitrarily “jumps” on the map, at any time it can break off, and reappear, after some time.

Oukitel U20 Plus: Sound

The main speaker Oukitel U20 Plus is normal in volume. By default, BesLoudness function is activated, the software amplifies the sound. As a result, at maximum performance the sound is really loud. It hits the ears with high frequencies. You can disable BesLoudness in the settings, and the wheezing will be lost, even though the sound will be a little quieter.

Oukitel U20 Plus: OS

Oukitel U20 Plus runs on Android 6.0. User interface has replaced icons, wallpaper. Also there is the possibility to change the themes. It’s not a shell, it’s just a built-in launcher, so it’s easy to install any other one. I did not change the icons in notification and settings menu. The interface is responsive, it works very fast. There is a possibility of wireless firmware update (OTA).

Oukitel U20 Plus: Features

Near the conversation speaker is a light indicator. But it does not signal about missed SMS or calls. It lights up only when connected to a charger. In the notification bar you can find an icon with the inscription “SuperScreenShot”. It launches a mini-application that allows you to record video from the screen, or make a “long screenshot” of the web page completely. “Funny” screenshot allows you to take screenshots of any shape.

Pros and Cons of Oukitel U20 Plus


  • Full HD display;
  • Quality of daytime shots;
  • Fingerprint reader;
  • Low price.

Disadvantages :

  • Hybrid slot for SIM and microSD card;
  • OTG is not supported;
  • Strange strip at the bottom of the screen;
  • The battery is charging for a very long time.


Bluboo Dual also has dual camera, but it offers metal body, support for OTG, a missed notifications indicator and a gyroscope. Doogee Shoot 1 with dual photomodule (sensor from Samsung) can take even better pictures, and the full charge takes about 1.5 hours.

Our review Oukitel U20 Plus

Dual camera Oukitel U20 Plus is pure water marketing. A lot of hype, but in fact we get the bokeh program effect with minimal possibilities for its tuning. But, smartphone costs very little, so you can imagine that there is no additional camera at all. Given the price, Oukitel U20 Plus is not so bad, despite the disadvatanges described in review.