01.09.2020 2:32

Oukitel WP8 Pro First REVIEW: What Is So Special In This Phone?

Oukitel is one of the most popular manufacturers of rugged smartphones. Perhaps every second Chinese rugged smartphone was released by Oukitel. You can see it by opening our website Wovow.org and see the number of articles mentioning Oukitel.

Soon the Chinese manufacturer will release its next rugged smartphone called Oukitel WP8 Pro. I really like WP series of smartphones. You can read about Oukitel WP5 and WP6 on our website.

I hope that the new smartphone will not let us down. While we are waiting for the official launch of sales, which, by the way, will be held on September 11, let’s talk about the features of Oukitel WP8 Pro.

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Rugged design

Oukitel WP8 Pro First REVIEW: What Is So Special In This Phone?

As you have already understood, Oukitel WP8 Pro is a rugged smartphone. In addition, this category of mobile devices is called shockproof, waterproof or unbreakable.

The standard of protection of the new Oukitel smartphone is IP8, IP69 and military standard of protection is MIL-STD-810g. All this suggests that the smartphone is not afraid of water, dirt and shock.

As you can see, the case Oukitel WP8 Pro has a rubber coating, as well as metal inserts on the left and right sides.

The back has a triple camera, flashlght and most likely a speaker.

On the front, we see a display with a waterdrop notch.

What is the display resolution?

Talking about display, it has a diagonal of 6.49 inches. The resolution of the screen is not known yet, but given the price of a smartphone, I would not be surprised if it will be HD+.

Oukitel WP8 Pro First REVIEW: What Is So Special In This Phone?

By the way, the smartphone will go on sale on September 11th, but the page is already available on Aliexpress and the official website. However, we still do not know the full list of specifications. Therefore, we will skip some of the features, such as the processor.

On the other hand, we know for sure that Oukitel WP8 Pro will have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. Support for microSD memory cards is not reported at this time.

Other interesting features

Among other interesting features of Oukitel WP8 Pro, I want to note Android 10 operating system, support for NFC for contactless payment with smartphone.

Why the battery is only 5000mAh?

Another not very pleasant surprise for me was the built-in battery of 5000mAh. Yes, this is pretty good battery for a regular smartphone, but rugged phones usually have bigger batteries.

For example, the previous Oukitel WP7 had a battery capacity of 8000mAh, while Oukitel WP6 came with even 10000mAh battery.

Why is the new Oukitel WP8 Pro has only 5000mAh battery? I don’t quite understand.

Oukitel WP8 Pro First REVIEW: What Is So Special In This Phone?

What do I think of Oukitel WP8 Pro?

I don’t really like the new Oukitel smartphone yet. It has no features.

The previous Oukitel WP7 smartphone had a modular design with support for a special module to sterilize bacteria and germs up to 99.99%. It may be just a hype on the news of the coronavirus, but it was a feature.

As for Oukitel WP8 Pro, I do not see any features on the official website. Perhaps, the manufacturer will announce them later. We still don’t know anything about the processor and cameras.

The price of Oukitel WP8 Pro for Aliexpress is $199, but, of course, the smartphone will cost less. I think it should cost about $100-120.

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