Overview snapshots: “The Walking Dead”, “Hell on Wheels”, “Under the Dome”

Overview snapshots: “The Walking Dead”, “Hell on Wheels”, “Under the Dome”


Introducing a small review snapshots to new three seasons of popular TV shows. 

AMC channel unveiled the first to the fifth season promokadr zombie drama “The Walking Dead» (The Walking Dead). 

Photography, of course, is not informative, but some conclusions can be made.First, apparently, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) looks out of the container with the letter “A”, in which part of a group of survivors was locked at the end of the fourth season.This, at least, is that the main characters will not stay the whole show next season under lock and key. Also, good to know that Rick was not eaten by the inhabitants of Terminus, which many fans of the show are suspected of cannibalism. 

The premiere of the fifth season of “The Walking Dead” will be held on October 12. A few days ago one of the producers of the show, David Alpert, said the material from the authors of the project enough already to the twelfth season. So, probably,“Corpses” will entertain and excite us for a long time. 

The same channel shared with fans western “Hell on Wheels» (Hell on Wheels) official snapshots for the fourth season and the image from the set. 


On the first photo shows the protagonist of the series, Bohennan Cullen (Anson Mount), to pose as if hinting that he was bored. But in Cheyenne boredom is not the place, and make sure that we will be able to August 2, when the screens AMCwill premiere episode of the new season. 

Recall that it will consist of 13 episodes, instead of ten, as all previous ones. 


And finally, let’s look at another promofoto the second season of the drama “Under the Dome» (Under the Dome), the long-awaited premiere is planned for June 30.By the way, at the end of May show’s executive producer, Neal Baer, ​​put forward the idea that the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel can be stretched for 15 seasons. Recall that the pilot of the “Under the Dome” was the highest rated summer premiere on all essential channels since 1992, and the show itself has received the status of the hit of the season. So that the extension of this series can be justified.