Overview Sony Alpha A5000

Overview Sony Alpha A5000


Sony is gradually abolishes line NEX. In the near future, all cameras with interchangeable lenses as mirrorless and SLT, will be united under a single brand Alpha. New model Sony Alpha A5000, in fact, is an improved version of the popular Sony NEX-3N .


Dimensions A5000 practically coincide with the NEX-3N and are 10 x 63 x 36 mm. Together with the lens, being part of, the camera does not take up much space in your bag or backpack, and even fit in a jacket pocket. Weight of the device with the battery and lens whale is only 269 g Since the budget model, it is not used the most expensive materials. The casing is made of matte plastic, but the build quality complaints. A5000 at work perfectly in your hand thanks to the protruding arm with soft-touch texture.


Controls a bit. The top panel is a shutter button, zoom ring belted, which is located next to the lever on the camera. Settled just below the video record button. Centered pop-up flash is located on the sides of which are holes in stereo microphone.

At the rear is a wheel-dzhoyped with the confirmation button in the center – a key element in the management of Sony A5000. With it selects the most customizations. As in the NEX-3N, there is no drum to switch shooting modes. In addition to wheel-dzhoypeda on the rear panel has three buttons for the menu, view the footage and display help. Last if desired can be reprogrammed in the softkey sealed the call frequently used shooting settings. Felt that additional Fn button would not stir. On the left side of the camera are located under the big plug USB ports and HDMI.

In A5000 there is no “hot shoe”, but in the cells of this level often this option is not available. New Alpha is available in three colors: black, white and silver.


As expected from mirrorless entry-level cameras, the focus of Sony Alpha A5000 on simplicity shooting in any situation.

Powered by the 20-megapixel Exmor CMOS, as well as the latest generation processor BIONZ X, well-proven in more high-end models such as Alpha A7/A7R and RX10. However, in the burst speed is not affected: the parameter of the camera meets the stated 3.5 frames per second. Buffer capacity was 30 frames.


Metering works in three modes usual – multizone, center-weighted and spot. Module metering chamber 1200 zone, same as in the NEX-7, as well as full-frame cameras Sony. Focusing A5000 carried out exclusively by contrast to 25 points. A sensitivity limit is 16,000 units ISO.

The camera comes with a lens Sony 16-50mm f / 3,5-5,6 with optical image stabilizer, which is able to compensate for approximately 4-stops. Takes for the camera to work is about 2 seconds.

Due to mounting Sony E-mount with A5000 can use a lot of lenses and adapters. A good choice as an additional lens may become the new “glass» Sony SEL55210 focal length 55-210 mm.


Sony A5000 fitted with a three inch screen angle of 180 degrees. The screen quality is somewhat disappointing: in bright light to read the information on it is much worse than in normal conditions, and even the option “sunny weather” does not compensate for this defect. And the resolution 460,000 pixels – this is yesterday.


Just as the NEX-3N, new A5000 is able to shoot Full HD-video only AVCHD (50i and 25p). With the MP4 codec can record HDV-only clips, ie with a maximum frame size of 1440 x 1080 pixels. Shooting video, you can start immediately, without switching to a specific mode. However, better yet go to a special pre-movie mode, where you can manually set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity (up to ISO 6400). In general, video capabilities will be enough for shooting family events and videoblogs. Software image stabilization compensates for camera shake well during handheld shooting, and the colors and detail are at an acceptable level. Quality stereo sound from the built-in microphone is also not satisfactory.


Amatours surely enjoy automatic cropping “Slide Object”. It will help you analyze the scene and tell the most acceptable composition. In addition the camera offers a decent selection of filters and presets. Among them, posterization, retro photo, monochrome, miniature mode, HDR, soft focus, and others.


Sony has already become traditional for introduction into their cameras wireless technologies, and A5000 is no exception: the camera is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and NFC. With the new sync with your smartphone, you can automatically copy all captured pictures on your mobile every time you turn the camera off. If your phone does not support JavaScript NFC, its interaction with the camera will be just one touch. In addition, the camera, the default application PlayMemories Home. Program installed on your computer automatically when the camera is connected to it. PlayMemories Home allows you to view, edit and upload photos to social networks or corporate cloud service Sony PlayMemories Online. There are a number of additional applications for Sony A5000, expanding the traditional functionality of the camera. Many of them are free, for others will have to shell out about $ 5-10. Among the most interesting programs include Time-lapse Ver.2.0, which can be used to make time-lapse movies.


Unfortunately, autofocus continuously poor. When shooting moving objects it is difficult to ensure the sharpness of the frame. The same problem arises when using AF as usual, but in low light conditions. In addition, the AF-assist beam can accidentally close the hand, as it is located near the handle of the camera.


Charging the camera is on the USB from the computer or from the mains using the adapter. Battery lasts for about 420 shots.


As we have noted, ISO 16000 – the maximum value of the sensitivity matrix in the A5000. For a compact mirrorless camera very impressive setting. Definitely on the critical values ​​of ISO shooting is not recommended. Overall, however, the noise level in the chamber is very low for its class. At minimum sensitivities megapixel achieves good detail. Beginning with ISO 640, there is a slight blurry details. The dynamic range of the system lens matrix is ​​comparable to younger models SLR – read the details in the shadows even on highly contrasting images. With further increase in the sensitivity of the sensor loss of detail in the pictures becomes more tangible. Nevertheless, even if the images are ISO3200 quite presentable thanks to delicate work noise reduction system.


It should also be noted solid performance of the automatic white balance setting: the camera shows the true color without any blockages in the direction of color. When taking pictures of the city on a lovely day in photos stored deep blue sky and the yellow and red portions of images do not look overly saturated. Sample images are available at this link .


Sony Alpha A5000 – it mirrorless entry level camera. In the hierarchy of the products of this class, it is located between the Sony NEX-3N (a remake of which, in fact, is) and more advanced Sony NEX-5T . The main advantage of the new Alpha NEX-3N before is the improved noise reduction system, and the updated metering. Unfortunately, the improvements have not touched the display, and continuous autofocus work leaves much to be desired. Nice additions steel modules Wi-Fi and NFC, through which you can control the camera from a distance. Given the excellent functionality, as well as a very affordable price, Sony Alpha A5000 is a very tempting purchase.

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