The owner of “Miss Universe” is going to become the president of...

The owner of “Miss Universe” is going to become the president of the United States

The owner of

American billionaire Donald Trump has again decided to run for the US presidency – in 2016.

Am I the only one who can again make this country great, I’m sure of it. No one else can,

– Said the 68-year-old Donald Trump at a press conference.

Tycoon promised that if he wins, he will create jobs in the country, reducing the budget deficit, protected from the Islamists, stop developing nuclear weapons in Iran and “everywhere”.

One day, by the way, he was a candidate for the post of the Reform Party in 2000, and then said “serious intent” in 2010.

Donald Trump, recall the person is extremely versatile: he is the president of a large construction company Trump Organization, which owns numerous buildings in different cities of the United States (and all of them one way or another are the Trump name), the state of billionaires Forbes magazine estimated in 2011 at $ 2.9 billion.

In addition, Donald Trump successfully “sells” his own name, get a good income from the time, alcohol, cosmetics and other brands. And wrote a book on how to become rich, likes to be frank in his interview, and enjoys golf and wrestling, and has for many years does not change her famous hairstyle.

Also tycoon and is a leading producer of the reality show “The Candidate” (for which, incidentally, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame), twice nominated for an Emmy for the role of himself in various films and serials. It owns Donald Trump Miss Universe Organization, which conducts such competitions as “Miss Universe” (remember, just this weekend was held the ceremony), “Miss USA” and Miss Teen USA.

Famous Donald Trump and personal life – up to 1992, he was married to Ivan Model Trump, married with which had three children: Donald Jr., known model and writer Ivanka Trump and Eric. From his second marriage to Marla Maples has a daughter Tiffany. Now married to Melanie Knauss-Trump, who is 24 years younger. In this marriage was born Barron William Trump.