24.11.2014 8:16

Parents will meet Robin in Gotham


The highlight of the series “Gotham» (Gotham) is that its creators are not limited to the history of the formation of the great Batman, and talk about a dashing young man of famous personalities of this dark city. We are already familiar with the young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) and detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie). According to DigitalSpy, soon we will learn something about the family and Robin – Batman future partner from the original universe of DC Comics.
Parents will meet Robin in Gotham

Note that at the time of the events described in the series, Robin himself has not yet been born. However, the creators of the drama going to show us his parents.

“We will tell a story that precedes the appearance of the hero. In the future we are going to show a series from which the audience will learn how to meet the parentsof Robin, “- said the project Showrunner Bruno Heller.

Comic fans probably remember that the very first name was Robin Richard Grayson. Even as a boy he worked as an acrobat in the circus, where he also worked his family. During the execution of one of the rooms of his parents were tragically killed, and then Bruce Wayne took patronage over orphan. SubsequentlyBatman and Robin fought together against crime on the streets of Gotham City.