Paris rejected

Paris rejected


French authorities hoped that the protest movement, provoked by same-sex marriage, since its adoption in May of last year, will go to “no” in a natural way, but mistaken. Proof of this was the mass march, held in Paris on Sunday civil union “Demonstration for All”, thus deduced that a year ago, the streets and squares, millions of angry Frenchmen. And this time, according to the organizers of the action, it was attended by about 500 thousand people gathered in the capital from all parts of the country.

In order to avoid incidents march organizers have created its own security service. Besides a half thousand policemen were exhibited throughout the route of the march from the Ecole Militaire in the Campus Martius, next to the Eiffel Tower, to Denfert Rochereau square – in the south of Paris. Interior Minister Manuel Valls warned yesterday that all attempts to disrupt the order “will be severely suppressed.” A dozen ultra thugs who wanted to join the ranks of the demonstrators were arrested and sent to the police station.

Fluttering above the columns of pink and blue flags with family – holding hands father, mother and children, and was inscribed on banners central slogan of the demonstration:

“Defend the family – our main value.”

– She’s in danger? – I ask the bearded man in a red high windbreaker.

– The fact that for centuries has been the foundation of society – the traditional family unit, it seems to me, is not much interested in our government – says Adrien, an engineer from the town of Poitiers in western France. – We oppose the new requirements put forward by the lobby of sexual minorities, and this artificial insemination for lesbian couples, as well as the services of surrogate mothers for gay. Although the government assure us that in the upcoming draft family law these items are missing, we know that without our active actions may change for the worse.

Ask a girl named Violaine from Camper red Phrygian cap, a white dress with tricolor ribbon over her shoulder, on which is inscribed “Brittany”, if she is not cold. For while in Paris and zero temperature, but the wind was gusty, north.

-We have such a good mood that warms involuntarily – she smiles. Violaine – 22 years old, studying at the University of Law and history of art. Came together with friends to remind Francois Hollande, that we should “do more economy and the fight against unemployment,” and not alter the relationship between parents and children.

Jean-Claude, lean pensioner who has worked all his life in the field of international trade, also from Brittany.

Why am I here? Because I want to France again become a democratic country.

-Is not that so? – Ask him.

-Democracy is when people decide offer – good or that law or not – meets Jean-Claude. – The law on same-sex marriages, adopted last year, so divisive that it was necessary, as we have suggested, to arrange for the issue of a national referendum, but we were denied. We are also opposed to the system of National Education introduced the so-called principles of gender theory. It aims to offset differences between the sexes, arguing that they mainly depend on the socio-cultural factors, rather than those that are obvious to any normal person, – biological.

I must say that gender theory these days has caused heated debate in France. The fact that this year the Ministry of Education decided in 275 schools for primary schools to introduce a course called “The ABCs of equality.” Its essence lies in the fact that from the very young age of the children weaned from “gender stereotypes”, ie those where the boys have their own identity, and the girls – his. Like, between them should equate.

In order to ensure that children could understand, they are offered books such as, for example, “the Pope wears a dress.” It boxer in the ring after the injury re-classified in the dancer. Once replacing the ailing dancer, he forgot to remove the dress and as such was in school for his son, which led to ridicule. The book focuses on the fact that there is nothing wrong, but that is bad, so is the rejection of unconventional behavior, including sexual.

“The ABCs of equality” caused a sharp rejection of many adults. A hundred schools, parents, many of whom are Muslims staged a boycott by not letting children go where they believe “teach boys to become girls.”

At the rally, which took place on the square Donfer-Rochereau, the leader of the association “Demonstration for All” Rocher de La Lyudvin demanded to cancel the scandalous “ABC equality” by removing from school curricula.

Manifestation of protest also took place in Lyon, where it was attended by about 80,000 people.