Parrot Ar.Drone 2.0 may be the best gift to man for any...

Parrot Ar.Drone 2.0 may be the best gift to man for any occasion

parrot ar drone 2 0 gift man occasion 01
parrot ar drone 2 0 gift man occasion 01

Amazon recently announced that in the future plans to use the miniature flying robots for delivery of goods. And while the Internet raging discussion of this news, you can look at the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – flying robot that is available to everyone.

Parrot Ar.Drone 2.0 worth about three hundred dollars. At length he was a little more than half a meter. The model is available in three “camouflage” solutions: sand, snow and jungle.

The drone is equipped with pretty impressive: it is equipped with two cameras, a 32-bit processor with a frequency of one gigahertz, a gigabyte of RAM, GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer, pressure sensors – in general, all that will help to keep it in the air. The kit also comes in a thousand milliamp battery, charger and special protective lining (in the event that the drone suffered not particularly strong).

But the controller or any other controller in the box with drones is not found. The fact that they have to manage with a tablet or smartphone. To do this, you just need to install a special application (supported iOs and Android). (2)

After starting the program will prompt the user to connect with his accounts on Youtube and / or Facebook. The fact that AR.Drone will automatically download the entire shot material on their cameras in the network. So that those who do not want, this step can be safely skipped.

Before the flight, you must charge the battery – it will take about an hour.

Then you need to connect your smartphone to drone through Wi-Fi (available connection should be displayed in the corresponding list on the device). Now the robot is ready for takeoff.

Manage them very easily – in this respect the application is made ​​perfectly. One has only to press the “off” – the drone immediately rise into the air. In contrast to many analogues , the robot automatically takes all the necessary adjustments and stabilization kept steadily above the ground.

It is controlled by two virtual sticks touch screen tablet or smartphone. Responsible for turning right and left – for its horizontal movement. Also supported gyroscope, ie drone will rotate in the direction in which the device is tilted. For the administration, of course, have to get used – so the first time it would seem that very hard to lead the mission.

Two cameras “fastened” to drone not just – he is able to shoot the entire flight on video. The front camera supports HD, and another, less powerful, is located under the body. To start recording, simply press the Rec. By the way, the motion picture in a small window will be broadcast on the screen of the device controller, and you can switch between cameras in real time. Supported also captures still photographs.

The most unusual feature is its ability to drone roll in the air. So that he did a somersault in the air, you just need to double click on the screen.

Have drone and disadvantages. First, it is able to fly up to a height of fifty meters. It’s very, very much. However, the further it moves away from the ground, the faster it gets lost connection. Therefore, if the fly too high (or far), a high risk of losing control over the machine. It can break or land in remote places – for example, on the roof of a neighboring house.

And, perhaps most importantly – Ar.Drone 2.0 terribly quickly. It allows only 10 minutes of flight. Of course, you can buy a better battery and extend battery life up to 14 minutes. But this, too, is hardly enough.

In general, if you try to give a definition of drone in a word, it is a toy. Interesting, unusual, but still a toy. And it’s not bad. After all, feel like a pilot futuristic aircraft – a nice treat.