10.09.2015 9:19

Pebble increase the operating time of their smart watches

Pebble company released a software update for the “smart” watches Pebble Time, which will improve the already outstanding performance of autonomy gadget.

With new Quiet Time users can easily turn off the vibration and display notifications on the dial, hold down the “back” button. By the way, in the smart-hours provided the opportunity to activate the “do not disturb” on schedule. Another change was the official support for three new languages ​​- German, French and Spanish. By default, the Pebble Time is not of the Russian language, but enthusiasts have already solved this problem.

Mode Stand-By Mode automatically turns off the communication module Bluetooth, if Pebble Time is not used, and motion sensors for a long time did not register any movement. Energy consumption when idle is reduced by approximately 50%.

We add that recently the Pebble team has published a video with a demonstration of the new Timeline interface smart-hours of the previous generation.