Pelty Bluetooth speaker – glowing and sounding gadget for a romantic evening

Pelty Bluetooth speaker – glowing and sounding gadget for a romantic evening

Pelty Bluetooth speaker

American designers have created a device called Pelty Bluetooth speaker, which is a set of three very important things that managed to put together: candlestick player and air freshener. To work all this romantic splendor smartphone needs.

What you need for a romantic evening? The right music, the right lighting, and for the most exquisite romantic can still be useful and some incense. How thin would not tastes Pelty Bluetooth speaker device created by American designers can satisfy almost all needs in terms of training a romantic evening.

Pelty Bluetooth speaker looks like some glass bulb, which set the candlestick. As you can guess in a candlestick candle invest, but to light it is enough to click on the smartphone that is connected via a special application to Pelty Bluetooth speaker and the device itself will do. At first glance outlandish gadget – it is simply elegant candle holder, but it is not so, because Pelty Bluetooth speaker is also a powerful audio system. In the upper part of the bulb installed speaker, as well as the memory module, which recorded music. Device battery, which is located at the bottom of the flask missing more than 4 hours when playing music.

Another very interesting feature Pelty Bluetooth speaker is the ability to spray fragrances, which are charged to the device in liquid form in a special flask. Aromatic liquid can purchase any gift shop. No restrictions regarding rechargeable essences not.

From this simple but very useful set of functions Pelty Bluetooth speaker can diversify and transform any romantic evening. It is worth mentioning that all management is carried out from a smartphone gadget, through a special application that comes bundled with the device. The cost of one “romantic bulb” is 230 U.S. dollars.

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