The Pentagon is working on implantable brain sensor to restore the memory...

The Pentagon is working on implantable brain sensor to restore the memory of wounded veterans


Human memory – one of the most poorly studied science phenomena. Unfortunately, this miracle of nature connected many problems and diseases that deprive human memory, and sometimes common sense or the ability to control your own body. On the creation of drugs from dementia scientists struggling for several decades, but so far all efforts were in vain. Scientific Group of the defense department DARPA plans to treat memory loss due to implantation in the human brain special chip.

To date, the program just before the start of the project and active development is still far. Employees DARPA hopes that with the help of modern electronic technology they can at least partially restore memory to the veterans of the war that it lost due to injury, concussion or age.

DARPA project to restore the human memory is very interested in the global scientific community. Developers from around the world have noted that in the case of success of the Americans, their achievements can be used in further studies of the human brain.

Perhaps in a few years, thanks to the work of DARPA, researchers can cure Parkinson’s disease, senile dementia and amnesia. American development agency conducted under the auspices of the Pentagon and are part of the program to help American veterans of the last warrior, since 2000.

Every year in the U.S. alone 1.7 million people put a disappointing diagnosis – memory loss. More encounters with other diseases of the brain and nervous system. Recent decades have shown that traditional medicines are not yet able to provide substantial assistance to those who encountered this kind of diseases. U.S. Office of innovations DARPA said it will periodically report progress designing chips stimulant memory