Peter M. Lenkov: “The season finale will be a surprise”

Peter M. Lenkov: “The season finale will be a surprise”

Peter M. Lenkov:


Perhaps the first half of the fifth season of Hawaii Five-0 and not over an unexpected plot twist, but the show’s executive producer Peter M. Lenkov said in an interview that the new series will bring a lot of surprises and named names stars who stay for a while on the show. 

What can you tell us about the case, which will be the basis of the storyline of the second half of the season?

At the beginning of the season brother Danny was taken hostage, and now the characters will face certain consequences. If you remember, for his ransom Chin Ho borrowed money from former brother in law. When Danny went to his brother in South America, he was already dead. Now heroes will have to pay for what happened in South America, and Chin Ho will be forced to deal with his relative.One of the main storylines built around these events, and, as I said, all are waiting for the consequences.

Peter M. Lenkov: "The season finale will be a surprise"

Return Robert Knepper and Terry O’Quinn. One of the plots will revolve around relationships and White McGarrett. In the second half of the season, Danny andChin Ho will have to pay for what they have transgressed the law. No one will come out unscathed.

What will happen with Steve?

In the first place, he finally left alone with the story in Fathom to end sort out the relationship with Joe White. I think Steve still does not trust him. We want to make this story ended quickly, while McGarrett can move on. Hopefully, by the end of the season we got it done.

Steve and Ellie will be a romantic relationship?

They are friends. I know people say that between them there is something more, but at the moment it is better to remain friends. Steve and Ellie have much in common, but the romance on the horizon is not visible.

What role Ellie in the second half of the season?

It is – incredibly reliable person McGarrett can always rely on it. As Ellie worked as deputy prosecutor, Steve appeared ally, which required time may provide useful information. Michelle Borth heroine had a similar role as Catherine became part of the team.

If so the conversation turned to Katherine, she’ll be back?

I hope. We have always wanted her to come back. If this does happen, you get something special.

Can you say something about Kono?

In one of the last episodes of the season, we learn about the past Kono – about her relationship with her ​​mother, learning to surf and survive in the ocean. This is our own version of the story of the film “All Is Lost.” During the study, the islands Kono gets in a storm, and all that it has to be – a surfboard. It was then that the audience will see a lot of flashbacks of her past life.

Which actors stay at the show?

There will be enough. For example, Anna Belknap, AJ Buckley, Melina Kanakaredes, I’ve worked with before in other series. Among those who will come back, will Ikszibit, Greg Grunberg, Ian Anthony Dale. If we talk about brand new, very soon the audience will have an interesting series with Barkhadom Abdi and a couple of scenes with Michael Imperioli.

Peter M. Lenkov: "The season finale will be a surprise"

Can you tell us something about the character of Rebecca Mader?

No, otherwise you will understand what is her story. Cloris Leachman How about?Ahead of a series in which McGarrett and Danny will conduct surveillance of one apartment, and the heroine will Cloris annoying neighbor that always prevents heroes. But when she finds out that Steve and Danny – cops, then ask them to find a thief. Will be a very fun series. The kids will have to work hand in hand, to live together. And each episode where Steve and Danny all the time are close – it is something!

Returns whether Doris?

You know, we now think of her return. In a couple of episodes, which will be Terry O’Quinn, all the time it comes to moms. Although Christine Lahti has no plans to go back, we are very hope so. Let’s still talk about Rebecca Mader. Series, in which the actress appears – our variation on the theme of the film “The Thomas Crown Affair.” Rebecca will play a fun and sexy insurance investigator, and the story will unfold around the theft of an expensive ring.

Dr. Shaw will appear in future episodes?

Yes, we have scheduled two episodes with her. This character we like, but we have to deal with the schedule Amanda Setton. While we are planning a series where Danny and Dr. Shaw will spend a lot of time together because between them there is a certain attraction.

And what about his personal life, Danny? We have heard that there will be a former Amber …

Viewers learn the real reason for the departure of the heroine Lili Simmons from New York, who told me about this Danny even during one of the first meetings. In fact, it turns out that the real reason for Amber concealed. Danny is very upset by the death of his brother, did not want to start a serious relationship, because virtually no contact with her. But then they do decide to spend some time together, then there will be the former.

Will there be any series associated with the original series?

No, we are trying to tell their own interesting history. Here in Hawaii, are very fond of Elvis Presley, and we have planned an episode on this topic. Still waiting for us for two whole series of grand theft of diamonds.

At the moment you are writing the season finale. Considering it as the series finale, or is it the ending is unexpected?

Hopefully, this season’s over. I’d like to go back in the future and tell the audience a lot of interesting stories, so I’m working on an unexpected turn of events in the final.Despite the fact that the number of viewers in most series is reduced, our show has its audience. And that’s good.

Will the final surprise for a particular character?

He absolutely will affect each character, I can not say more.