Petty man: to bear or go?

Petty man: to bear or go?


We can scold her man for many shortcomings: for what he throws socks at the apartment and closes the tube of toothpaste, for the fact that the clock is sitting at the computer and does not pay any attention to us, and finally, for what constantly throws tomato juice on white carpets and sofas. And if any flaws can be forgiven now cause some confusion and suggest, “Should we continue to tolerate this? Maybe just go? “One of these men serious flaws – pettiness.

We believe that a man must be magnanimous. It is not every penny counts, not tediousness, not trying to benefit from the whole, much of his relationship with the woman I love – even more so. And what our surprise when, instead of near the noble prince is a man who chooses the flower corsage kiosk cheaper (even scarier), wincing when the restaurant we order a full hot meal, rather than a small cup of coffee , or now and then reminding that in response to the service rendered to them once we ought to do something, too. First, we take these actions lightly, trying to explain their temporary financial difficulties or a bad mood, but when the “blunders” becomes too much – seriously think about the fact that it’s time on the lam.

Petty man difficult to see from the early days of dating, but that you are not disappointed in his favorite, when it is too late, we have tried and have prepared for you a list of “unmarked”. With it, you’ll know who is next to you: a generous man or a petty little man.


1 …. do not visit doctors paid. He will stand in a long queue for coupons to a specialist, berating the health care system and down dale, but never written an appointment to paid the doctor, believing that it is a waste of money. Thus it can be quite a wealthy man, he just wish to spend money on something that you can get for free (albeit with certain inconveniences).

2 …. irritated when you ask him for money for some small change. Surprisingly, these men can pay your total trip abroad , but flared up when you ask for money for real nonsense. The fact that our female things they seem but toys and spend hard-earned money (not the last) to the toys they do not want.

If during a quarrel you told him something unpleasant, he will remember it for a long time.

3 …. prefer public transportation. He will not call a taxi, preferring public transport convenient. “Why spend a fortune when you can take the subway?” – Surprised this thrifty man. No, he is not greedy, he does not really understand why someone chooses expensive if you can stay on the cheap.

4 …. remember all the hurtful words said in his address. If during a quarrel you told him something unpleasant, he will remember it for a long time. And you will be surprised how good his memory – he will play all exactly right up your intonation.

5 …. too picky. But in relation to you. Currently it just tends to make the same concessions. He has his own clear idea of ​​what you should do. And if you suddenly make a mistake, it is irresponsible and calls you for a long time reading on the subject of morality, how to live.

6 …. reminds about your debt. If the relationship with this man had not yet crossed the line of friendship, he may well ask you to return once taken money from him in debt. And we are not talking about a serious amount, $ 100 – an excellent opportunity to remind you that you need it.

7 …. does not make grand gestures. Strew your staircase flowers fill a bathtub or champagne? What do you mean! Such petty man would not do. Why spend huge sums on that later will be raised or poured? Better to buy a new iron or Multicookings – at least with their help you will iron his shirts and cook dinners.

For increased attention to detail lies reluctance to notice something more serious and important.


Not only is that a petty man will count every penny and led you into cheap eatery actually far more problems than it might seem at first glance. For increased attention to detail lies reluctance to notice something more serious and important. For example, a man can carefully monitor how you maintain order in the house, but did not even try to understand the causes of your injuries and tears. In addition, petty people tend very irritable. Others does not cost anything to bring them out of themselves, they flare up like a match, and thus conflicts on level ground can not be avoided. Finally, these men are all the other fools believe wasteful and do not miss the opportunity to remind family and friends that they live completely wrong. Sometimes it tediousness exasperate and kills any desire to communicate with too thrifty (and emotionally too) man.


Only you can decide whether to support a relationship with a petty man. Pettiness – it is not a sentence, and even those of the stronger sex has its merits, despite the fact that they pay attention to all the small stuff. In the end, we all without sin. However, creating a family with such a person, you must be willing to certain nuances that may cause you confusion. Better to understand who is close to you, so you do not wrestle with the dilemma of what to do next – endure or leave?

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