Company Blacksumac starts selling “smart” devices Piper , whose output for money on the market last year were collected using Indiegogo.

Home security system and automation Piper (here and below the image of the developer).

Piper is intended to accomplish two main objectives: security and automation of the home. System developers attracted using kraudfanding-site more than $ 300 thousand, which is three times more than originally stated amount.

So, Piper is a small device that has an ARM-processor chip flash memory, wireless adapter Wi-Fi controller and Z-Wave (wireless communications protocol designed for home automation). For data collection are camera with a wide angle lens, infrared motion detector, high-quality microphone, temperature sensors, humidity and light, as well as a three-axis accelerometer. There are LED indicators and horn with the volume level up to 105 dB. Food in the event of a failure in the electrical network will provide battery backup.


Piper modules can be mounted on a wall or simply mounted on any surface. To control and data visualization is a special mobile application for smartphones or tablets. Through it, you can interact with a maximum of five blocks Piper, connected to your home network via Wi-Fi.


The system allows remote video monitoring of premises: Piper provides camera angle up to 180 degrees. If necessary, the image can zoom in and out. Footage stored in the cloud service for later viewing or transmitted in real time in the mobile app.

Users can configure various security functions. Say, when motion is detected Piper activates an audible alarm and sends a notification to a smartphone owner home. In addition, informational messages can be sent when the sensor readings – for example, by increasing the temperature (may indicate a fire) or extraneous sounds.


With support for Z-Wave system can communicate with other devices that are compatible with this protocol. It could be lighting, climate control, “smart” door locks, etc. Related mobile app available for Android and iOS.


Piper has proposed Order : price ranges from 240 to $ 850 (depending on the number of basic blocks, and the included accessories).