02.02.2014 12:08

Now place the tablet and smartphone will never end

Each tablet owner knows that hard disk device does not happen much. It always ends up at the most inopportune moment, and we have to choose what to delete: a collection of music or some of your favorite movies?

Fortunately, in order to rid us of these reflections, the company has developed a unique LaCie external hard drive – Fuel, which translated to English means “fuel”.


Name of the device is very suitable, because the memory of the portable “Hardy” is 1 terabyte (a thousand gigabytes). Such amount of memory is enough for more than 500 films, more than one hundred thousand songs and hundreds of thousands of photos. Fuel is also equipped with Wi-Fi-like receiver and router creates its own Wi-Fi-network. This network, that is the hard disk can simultaneously connect 5 devices. Download in AppStore special application, the user gets access to all content stored on “hard”. AirPlay is supported and the ability to stream to Apple TV and other gadgets equipped with this interface (iPad, iPhone and Mac), and by three in the same time.


If desired, you can connect to Fuel existing Wi-Fi-point and give internet to other devices.

For file management integrated support DropBox, but you can do it and “old-fashioned”, Fuel connecting to a computer via USB 3.0. To operate the drive does not require any wires, charge its battery will last for ten hours of active work.

Cost LaCie Fuel $ 199.