Seven places on Earth amaze

Seven places on Earth amaze

Seven places on Earth amaze

On our little globe there are many unique places to visit that are worth at least once. Human life is unforgivable short, it would be stupid to spend precious days on gray days. Than to hear many times, much better to have time to consider the beauty of the world in person – the only way you will feel the touch of eternity.

Halong Bay – the island and caves. Vietnam

The extraordinary beauty awaits travelers in the “bay, which plunged the dragons.” Halong Bay is located it in one of the bays of the South China Sea. Its area stretches over a half thousand square kilometers. Waters pleasant emerald hue washes ashore over three thousand islands located in the Gulf of Tonkin.

According to legend, when a very long time in the mountains lived a dragon. Behind him, down to the water, a dragon with its tail left traces – and to the valleys. Subsequently, when the dragon plunged into the water, the marks of his tail filled with water, leaving only small pieces of land.

Seven places on Earth amaze

Each of the many rocky islands has its own name. Looking at the island, you might think that the nature of a great sense of humor – a form of small plots of land quite peculiar, you can find an island in the shape of a ship, strange animals, or even a piece of furniture.

If you have a research character trait, be sure to visit the cave:

• Han-Doe-Gu – this cave is famous for its stones, the shape of which is very bizarre;

• Han Kuang – a cave tunnel is likely to appeal to people having an ear for music – are unique acoustics;
• Bona – this cave is rich in stalactites and stalagmites. Here you can admire the pelicans – it is a favorite place of rest.

Petra – an ancient city. Jordan

In the heart of Jordan, lost in the sand hills of the valley of Wadi Musa, the city is located, is able to hit its magnificence. Petra on the right is among the “New Wonders of the World.” Several thousand years ago, this city was first introduced in the sun, its centuries-old history is rich with events and incidents. But the most interesting thing in this is not – the lost city consists entirely of stone.

Seven places on Earth amaze

In order to familiarize yourself with all the architectural monuments of Petra, is not enough a few days. Be sure to visit the pearl of Petra – the palace of El Khazneh.

Grand Canyon – a canyon that can impress with its size. USA

Seven places on Earth amaze

One of the most unique places in the world, numbering a long history, located in the United States. Long before the canyon in the middle of the 16th century was chosen by Europeans lived here Pueblo Indians.

Seven places on Earth amaze

The depth of the Grand Canyon reaches one thousand nine hundred meters, length – three hundred and fifty kilometers, and the width varies from six to twenty kilometers.

Seven places on Earth amaze

Lovers of active leisure, is certainly worth a raft on the waters of the Colorado River, racing at a speed of 20 km / h, blowing over a pebble, impressive size boulders and sand.

Geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists and other lovers of antiquity will do in the canyon, because here you can find four geological era. Fossils mass of plants, several hundred species of birds and dozens of species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians are waiting for these researchers.

Tropical forests in the Amazon. South America

Do not miss the opportunity to see firsthand the largest tropical forest on the planet Earth. Did you know that the Amazon rain forests occupy an area of ​​5.5 million. Sq. km? No wonder the forest called the “Jewel of the Earth.” Here found a home for more than half of all existing species of plants and animals.

Seven places on Earth amaze

It is here that the nature of most fully demonstrated its generosity – impenetrable evergreen forests in the Amazon, a kind of light on our planet. Necessary to preserve them for our future generations!

Angel Falls. Venezuela

Free-flowing waterfall with a height of 978 meters is a very curious spectacle. Open the highest waterfall was a Spanish explorer Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz at the beginning of the last century, but its popularity is obliged American pilot and a gold digger Dzheimsu Crawford Angel.

Seven places on Earth amaze

Get to the falls can only be through the air on a plane or on the water – on a motorized canoe. For the most extreme version of the traveler is provided descent to the waterfall on a hang glider. But on arrival you will be satisfied – Angel Falls Niagara fellow above twenty times.

Plitvice Lakes. Croatia

Seven places on Earth amaze

Despite the fact that you can not swim in the lakes, in the park is forbidden to build fires, walking their dogs and picnics – this place is worth your attention. Plitvice Lakes are a cascade of lakes and waterfalls connecting them. Just there, there are about 16 major karst lakes, waterfalls and an incredible amount of two dozen caves. All this beauty is surrounded by green beech and coniferous forests.

National Park in Croatia, namely that status have Plitvice Lakes, extends over an area of ​​217 hectares.

Taj Mahal. Agra, India

Seven places on Earth amaze

Taj Mahal is not in vain in the number of “new wonders of the world.” Imagine – white marble palace of the cleanest around – beautiful park inside – rich decoration. It was built by Shah Jahan Indian, in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, the construction involved more than 20 thousand people.

At one time even his doors were silver, but many had been looted. Despite this, even now at the Taj Mahal is, what to see.

Seven places on Earth amaze

In the world there are many attractions that can permanently etched in my memory. But these – the ones who have to look at every connoisseur of beauty.