Plantronics RIG – Universal headset for PC, consoles and mobile devices

Plantronics RIG – Universal headset for PC, consoles and mobile devices

Gaming Headset RIG largely is a unique product for its manufacturer. Company Plantronics, who ate more than one dog in the market of personal audio, long time dabbled in the market for PC gaming headsets – model Gamecom 780 was a guest of our toolkit. Finally, Californians emboldened to invade the territory of the gaming consoles and the fall in the market presented a universal headset RIG.


  • Speaker diameter: 40 mm
  • Frequency range of the speakers: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Microphone Frequency range: 100 Hz – 10 kHz


Plantronics RIG accompanied by various accessories needed to connect to all the intended devices.Their list includes
  • separately mounted mixer
  • cable to connect via RCA-connectors
  • detachable microphone for communication in the game
  • Cable 2.5mm TRS – 2,5-mm TRS
  • detachable microphone to plug in a headset, as
By headset attached just two removable microphone, one of which is designed for easy use with the phone. In general, the package looks thoughtful.

Design and connectivity

From an aesthetic point of view, the appearance of headphones Plantronics RIG does not claim the high cost and at the same time stays away from controversial decisions, unlike Gamecom 780.
The main material is plastic. The manufacturer has decided not to use metal headband to harden design so due to durability concerns RIG immediately arise. Bottom bow has a rubberized lining, clad in cloth. As a result, the level of pressure on the back of the head does not go beyond a comfortable level.
Headband connects to the cups with two small screws, and at the junction turn cups always squeaks.
Size headphone help customize icons with the robot “African.” This can be done with very high accuracy: a dozen options available for temple length.
Cup headphones attached to the upper part without any special tricks. They allow a small gap in the vertical and rotate 90 degrees to him.
Outside there is a textile finishing, not susceptible to fingerprints. However, matte plastic and headphones in this respect almost impregnable.
Non-removable ear pads have a fabric cover and right circular. Inside them enough space to not press the ears to the head. Pressure on the head feels weak.
By design tweaks without headphones Plantronics RIG turned very comfortable. In addition, they are also very firmly seated without succumbing sharp turns heads. The only thing that does not cause approval – is the total reliability of the design.
Much greater interest is the mixer Plantronics RIG. For this weighty piece should allocate their own place at hand.
At the bottom of the mixer are connectors for headsets and Xbox 360.
In order not to confuse the readers immediately describe which wires from picking where useful. Xbox gamepad connected via flat cable 2.5mm TRS length of approximately 1.2 m
To connect the headset itself has already provided two cables. The first of them is intended for gaming use. It is integrated with a flexible microphone, which is directly connected with the face, and you can not remove it. The length of this cable is also about 1.2 m This allows, for example, put the mixer on the floor next to the couch, where you managed to play.
Second microphone headphones turns into an ordinary wired headset for your phone. To go to the conversation through the connected phone is enough to hold the tube. A slider next to the button is responsible for muting the microphone.
C opposite side of the mixer cables can not be extracted. It connects the gaming device and phone.Twin cable length is more than two meters. This will stay at a distance from the console. One end of the cable ends with standard double plug 3.5mm TRS (headphones work through it), and the other – plug USB (microphone connected through it)
The second branch has a very short length, since it is necessary to connect the smartphone, which should always be at hand. Next to the two cables is the optical connector with which the headset can bring multi-channel sound better compared to RCA, quality. But you have to purchase a separate optical cable. If the connection to the phone is not in use, a small cable mixer can be attached to a larger using special clothespins.
The main objective of the mixer – it’s easy to switch between game chat and phone calls without having to remove the headphones. For this is the large dial in the center. In the right position the headset transmits the sounds of the connected console or PC, and also works with game chat. The balance between these two sources regulated by the right thumb is illuminated in orange in the active mode. In the left position the headset starts to work with the sounds of the smartphone game chat instead. Balance between the sounds of the game and left the slider smartphone is regulated with blue backlight.
Master volume control headset is designed as a movable rim around the perimeter of the mixer. When translating it to the far left soft click is heard and the headset is switched off.
At the bottom the mixer has three buttons. Left performs the same function as the button on the headset phone: start / end a call, pause music playback from your smartphone. Middle button with a red LED mutes the microphone. Right button toggles the equalizer three modes – Pure (one beep), Intense (two signals), Explosive (three beeps). According to our observations, they reinforce the lower frequencies and add reverb effect.
Comparing headphones and mixer, we come to the conclusion that manufacturer’s efforts focused on the latter element. It looks attractive, offers a wide functionality and laid out in the details (impressive length of cables and solid mass mixer required for stability).
Complete set completes a short adapter with stereo-RCA to 3.5mm TRS. It is used to connect to the console through the tulip connectors.
List of video game consoles, officially supported headset includes not only the XBox 360 and Playstation 3, but the PlayStation 4. Her connection is described in the instructions on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, we also advise find detailed general instructions on the product.The connection process is explained in it much more detail than in the accompanying booklet.


For testing with the PC and PlayStation 3 console.
In the first case the connection is without any problems. Mixer was installed on the left of the keyboard and easily connected via the audio jack and PC USB. Last connection, by the way, it is necessary not only for the microphone, but also for food mixer. Impressive cable length is usually offset by the fact that the system unit is on the floor. With more closely spaced wires will have to pull together.
Perhaps the length of cables adapted for use with consoles, is a major problem when working with a PC RIG. This, it seems, is another problem: the background noise is noticeable at 80% volume.However, in practice, so you are unlikely to remove the volume. In this regard, headphones Plantronics RIG almost as good as bluetooth-headsets Corsair Vengeance. They are also easy to listen to, hanging on his neck.
Using Plantronics RIG with audiochipom Motherboard is not recommended because the total amount of interference would be incompatible with comfortable using on a normal volume. Good discrete sound card, giving little distortion in the output signal, the position is not completely correct, but the situation would be much better.
The sound quality when using a PC, we can estimate how high. If you do not take account of the challenges of cable lengths, the shortcomings of noticeable except that some lack of treble.Gamecom 780 times with the manufacturer has made a big step forward, and Plantronics RIG can be safely used also as a wired headset for phones, pre-packaged with the appropriate cable from the headphone set.
Connecting to the PlayStation 3 was carried out in a manner not documented in the manual. Unlike standard connection via RCA consisted in the fact that we have provided video via HDMI. Already Plantronics RIG was connected with the bundled adapter for PS3 with the original front connector on RCA. The advantage here is that the distance from the console to the display depends on the capabilities of the headset, which has nothing to do with the screen. In the settings console we include multichannel audio output, disable the sound of the TV and immersed in the game. Despite the fact that through the RCA-connectors PlayStation 3 delivers a two-channel signal, headphones RIG cope very well with the creation of the scene. And the presence of an optical cable promises even greater perspective: in this case it is possible audio transmission standard 5.1
Now a few words about the main “trick” headset – mixer. Of course, it is worth noting the original manufacturer’s approach, whereby the headphones can be worn for talks on the phone. But in order to switch to the appropriate mode, press the central switch, and then another call accept button.Where as it is easier, in our view, press “pause”, take off the headphones and give your ears a little rest, having talked quietly through the smartphone itself. No, Plantronics headphones very comfortable to wear and long pressing need to remove them does not arise. But, you take short break nicely, regardless of convenience tight head design.
However, in some circumstances, it can not really take off the headphones will be in demand. For example, when extraneous noise loud when the headset interlocutor can hear much better, even with the average sound insulation headphones. Also, there is another interesting use case: to put background sound for playing music arbitrary. But in this case would have to sacrifice game chat – this is another mode of operation.
Both headset microphone perfectly passed the test on record. Their sensitivity is at a normal level, and the work is really noticeable noise reduction. Distinguish voice of the caller through the headset and smartphone virtually impossible – interference does not arise here.


Plantronics RIG deserves a good final grades, as a minimum, due to its original functionality. Which the manufacturer, besides, could clothe in an interesting shape. Fruitful work has been done on the design and headphones, and over the mixer, whereby we turned multifunctional headset suitable for use with PCs and consoles, as well as for the phone separately. Not too attractive looks only an abundance of wires, but for universal wired headsets is common.
The average price of a gaming headset Plantronics RIG at the time of this writing is 5000 rubles, which is quite acceptable for such a universal solution.
  • Headphones do not cause any discomfort when wearing
  • Original and functional mixer
  • Good sound quality
  • Large stock headphone volume
  • The ability to connect via optical output PS3
  • Quality of microphone
  • Ability to use solely as a telephone headset
  • Long wires cause inconvenience when using PC
  • Headphones look fragile and unreliable
  • Long cables interfere
  • Using a PC with integrated audio card disappoints
  • Game microphone can not be pushed to the side