“Plastic”: credit cards, money, and Two Smoking Barrels

“Plastic”: credit cards, money, and Two Smoking Barrels


In rolling out “Plastic”, a British comedy about a criminal fraud with credit cards, in the spirit of early Guy Ritchie. Vasily Milovidov saw the movie and was horrified.

Four student friends (good, bad, funny and another) is engaged in credit card fraud, justifying themselves by saying that they are stealing from the greedy rich, the poor student’s life, and in front of their employment problems. Couple least savvy crew manages to run into fierce mafia, which offers him or bring him in as soon as possible two million pounds, or be buried in the neatly dug graves in the forest. At this point, which is the leader of schemers sinks on employee credit card company that merges the heroes of the necessary information, and together they go to Miami to fool even larger rich.


Plastic – based on real events

“Plastic” proudly announces that based on real events, but it does so clearly to be witty, because all of these events, of course, do not look, and the film itself is too similar to the comic to have at least a remote connection with reality. Authors clearly counting on the audience for which early films by Guy Ritchie and “Ocean” – is akin to the original ancient classic “The Italian Job”.


In principle, it is not a problem: scenes in the world is not that much, the best of them is from time to time reassess. But the authors of the “Plastic” seems to have decided not to reconsider this story, but on the contrary – to blacken.


Julian Gilbey at home is not listed last director skillfully mounts and can technically catch the right moment of suspense, but in the case of “plastic” material he has to cut the level of byproducts. Theoretically, the film might have something tolerable, but for this it would have to completely rewrite and reshoot. Would not have to part with even halfpenny cast of young people from the TV. If you do not take into account the role of Thomas Krechman bandit for the most recognizable people here meet Ed Speleers (bad lackey of “Downton Abbey”) as the leader of the crooks and Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy from the “Game of Thrones”) as Theon Greydzhoya adjusted our reality. Young people struggling to pretend that in fact involved in something fun and decent, but their characters are so unbearable (and this genre than a death sentence) that inevitably begin to cheer for the opposite team, which, alas, is also one bad cartoons.


One can not ignore unpleasant trick that tries to crank Gilby. His characters, if in a good, real scum, but how can the director tries to hide it behind vague excuses and valiant fervor. Neither Richie nor Soderbergh still has never been muhlezh with an understanding of what is good and what is bad. In addition to these sources of inspiration, “Plastic” sometimes resembles a very bad parody of the “Wolf of Wall Street” (and Emma Rigby as a girlfriend of the protagonist obviously serves as Margot Robbie played in Scorsese wife DiCaprio, but without irony). Like “Wolf” or subconsciously sang riot and lawlessness in the moral qualities of his heroes was not much doubt. You can also remember another movie last year on a similar theme, “scam-up” (their c «Plastic” in common at least a similar line of adventure with a fake Arab moneybags) – there is also some image chant charming scoundrel, but it was done with a lot more craftsmanship. Probably silly to compare them with minor film Briton snyavshego for young audiences an entertaining movie about scams. But “Plastic” among other things, that a youthful arrogance should be enough to get away from the adult games. Actually, no.