What are PMS girls?

What are PMS girls?

What are PMS girls?

Everything you want to know about PMS – here.

Mood swings, resentment, tearfulness and unjustified aggression. All of these symptoms you repeatedly try to imagine if you’re a girl. Same guys that behavior is disconcerting. This strange as it seems, the behavior that occurs before the next critical days, called premenstrual syndrome and abbreviated – PMS.

What is it?

PMS – a condition characterized by a set of characteristic symptoms, and is seen in more than 50% of women before menstruation. This does not mean that the remaining 50% are not susceptible to this condition, it simply has less pronounced. Why are guys so hard to understand our condition in this period? Yes, because they are not produced in the body hormones such, they are not familiar with such states.

PMS symptoms

Since everybody is different, then the symptoms of PMS can be very different. Here are some of them:

  • Neuro-psychological manifestation. Characteristic signs: aggression, irritability, depression, tearfulness, unjustified euphoria. At the same time, studies indicate that young girls are more inclined to experience depression, and more mature – aggression, euphoria gives way;
  • Edema. Often there is swelling of the face, arms, legs, and especially breast before menstruation. Effects of hormones and causes increased sweating, aching pain in the sacral and abdominal pain. These symptoms usually occur a few days prior to menstruation and disappear after 1-2 days after the start;
  • Manifestation. Characteristic signs: high blood pressure, anxiety and fear of death is often observed headaches and tremors. Usually these symptoms occur at night in waves. You can also feel the stinging pain in the heart. In the morning, after such an attack PMS observed increased urination;
  • Cephalgic symptoms. In this case, the symptoms are very similar, but at the same pressure and pulse woman remains normal. Headache, sweating, heart pain and numbness in hands at night – these are the characteristic features of manifestations cephalgic form of PMS;
  • Cases also atypical manifestations of PMS. This may be an increase in body temperature or unreasonable pain in other parts of body except for the above.

How to cope with PMS

Do not think that ICP – this sentence. In your power to facilitate its own state, you only need to change your lifestyle:

  • Increase physical activity; go for a swim, fitness in the gym. More walk in the fresh air;
  • Get rid of bad habits – no good, they do not bring;
  • If you have a sweet tooth – should moderate consumption of chocolate, cakes and pastries, as well as reducing excess weight, if any;
  • If you have a chronic illness – you should try as much as possible to cure them, because all the body is interconnected, and any inflammation can exacerbate the condition before menstruation.
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