30.10.2014 9:48

Police Chief Ferguson retires because of the murder of an African American law enforcement officers

The police chief of the American city Ferguson (Missouri) Thomas Jackson left his post in connection with the murder in August guardian about a young African American Michael Brown, according to broadcaster CNN , citing sources in the government.

According to sources, on the resignation officially be announced next week. Local authorities hope that the resignation of Jackson help to reform the police of the city. Police chief himself has not confirmed this information, reports Tass.

Meanwhile, officials from the police department Ferguson said in Twitter , that Jackson did not resign.

“The police chief said that he had not retired and was not asked for it. It is also not fired. If he leaves office, it will be done according to his own will,” – said in a statement.

August 9 Ferguson police shot 18-year-old Michael Brown after he refused to comply with the requirements of law enforcement officers and started a brawl with one of them. Media found that in a time when the law enforcement officer opened fire on Brown, a young man, who was not in possession of weapons, was standing with his hands up and the danger to the police is not represented.

The incident caused a powerful resonance in the city and across the country – hundreds of local residents have repeatedly taken to the streets in protest against the tyranny of the police. During the demonstrations was not without law violations – have been documented cases of vandalism, looting, use of firearms by demonstrators and Molotov cocktails.

Residents accuse authorities of excessive use of force during the rally, demonstrators also demanded the resignation of the police chief of Jackson. Its population is approximately 21,000 people, more than two-thirds of them – black.