Poroshenko told Biden reiterated the readiness of the separatists amnesty if they...

Poroshenko told Biden reiterated the readiness of the separatists amnesty if they lay down their arms


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko again confirmed that he is ready to negotiate with the separatists, if they cease fire. ITAR-TASS, Poroshenko in a telephone conversation with U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden said that “if the separatists disarm and leave the building, which they now occupy, the Ukrainian government is ready to grant them amnesty in Ukraine.”

At a meeting with the governor of the Donetsk region Sergey Taruta, Poroshenko also said he did not rule out holding a “round table” for negotiations between the different parties to the conflict. “We negotiate for the sake of talks are not needed. Our peace plan should be the basis for the subsequent de-escalation of the conflict. Terrorists must lay down their arms” – quoted Poroshenko Reuters.

Taruta, in turn, at the end of last week, said that the talks are progressing difficult. According to him, the militants, who are held in captivity more than 200 people, there is no clear policy goals. Taruta assured that, despite the difficulties, the negotiations will continue, writes “LB.ua” .

Taruta statement came after June 8 Poroshenko gave the ceasefire a week. On Thursday, President of Ukraine noted with regret: nothing indicates readiness separatists lay down arms, but negotiations, he said, should begin to reverse the tension.

Poroshenko said he plans to visit the Donbass before leave other visits abroad.In Kiev confirmed that the itinerary Poroshenko developed, and probably the president will soon arrive in Donetsk. Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger learned from close to the Ukrainian government circles that the preparations for the trip already underway, reports InoPressa .

In Donetsk, many admitted that they do not believe in the peaceful intentions Poroshenko. “On the day when Poroshenko proposed the creation of a humanitarian corridor, his troops fought in the Slavic and Semenovka. How can we trust him?” – Said one of the residents of Donetsk, who asked that his last name not named.

Authorized Foreign Minister on human rights Konstantin Dolgov between Poroshenko openly accused of reneging on its promises – to create humanitarian corridors and stop punitive operations. “It became increasingly humanitarian crimes against the civilian population of Kiev Southeast, which should be investigated and the guilty punished,” – wrote in Dolgov Twitter .