20.10.2014 11:17

The porsche 911 turbo will be deprived of atmospheric engines

After the change of generations porsche 911 turbo, scheduled for the autumn of 2015, all versions of the legendary sports car except for one will be equipped with only a turbocharged engine. These units are economical, environmentally friendly and at the same time provide a significant increase in capacity.

According to the publication porsche 911 turbo, referring to its sources, the next generation of all versions of the Porsche 911 turbo engine will be equipped exclusively. Generational change the legendary sports car happens next autumn.

With the advent of power behrazdelnoy Litre turbo engines of some change in the smaller side. So, if the current generation base engine is a six-cylinder boxer aspirated volume of 3.4 liters, the generational change will take its place 2.9-liter turbo unit. It will give about 400 hp and 540 Nm of torque, up 50 hp and 150 Nm greater than the starting modification of the current generation.
In version Carrera S engine size remains the same – 3.8 liters. But its turbocharged power will increase substantially – with 400 hp (440 Nm) to 530 hp (705 Nm).

However, according to the publication, the most “evil” version of the porsche 911 turbo GT3, still retain the 3.8-liter aspirated models for the fans. According to preliminary information, the emphasis in the case of this version will be made not to increase the power, and the maximum weight loss. In the current generation engine produces 475 hp, accelerating to a hundred in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 315 km / h.