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Porsche will develop a hybrid Macan

Porsche will develop a hybrid Macan

Filling with crosscourt share big brother

Australian Motoring could find out about future plans for Porsche parts fresh Macan . In particular, it is known about the development of hybrid versions of the crossover with a friend by the name of Cayenne and Panamera S E-Hybrid – This information is shared with the publication of the head of the department of marketing and sales SUV brand Julian Baumann.

The exact timing of the release of “green” news yet, according to Baumann, is not defined, but the chances to start as early as next year. Technically hybrid completely repeat senior superhetcha Cayenne and Panamera, which means a system of 333-horsepower 3-liter V6 and an electric motor with 95 horses (590 Nm in total).

But smaller and lighter Macan thus should leave podinamichnee ( Cayenne S Hybrid-E , by the way, spends the first hundred acceleration to 5.9 seconds), and boast a pair of additional elektrokilometrov, that is to surpass the 36-mile cruising range “Panamera “and Cayenne’s electric.

Well, in theory it looks very good. It remains to recall the current variations filling Macan – a “six” in volume of 3.0-3.6 liters and 340-400 hp plus a three-liter 258-horsepower diesel engine and, with recently , 4-cylinder unit with 240 forces – and go on to discuss. We are interested in a cross?