Powermonkey expedition: modular charger travelers

Powermonkey expedition: modular charger travelers


Company Powertravelle developed a backup power source for all occasions Powermonkey Expedition , designed primarily for people, often spending time away from civilization.

The apparatus has a modular construction. Basic cylinder block with aluminum case contains a lithium-ion polymer battery capacity of 10 500 mA • h The developer claims that its full charge will last for replenishing energy reserve of the iPhone 5, seven or eight times.


Powermonkey Expedition can be recharged from AC. On the body of the main unit has a small information display. The device is made in accordance with IP65, which means complete protection against dust and water jets from any direction.

Away from an outlet Powermonkey Expedition is converted into a compact power generator, which can produce a variety of ways. Modular construction, in particular, allows you to connect 5-watt 5-volt solar panel: in clear weather, allegedly at full battery charging will take 16 to 21 hours.

Another option recharging the internal battery Powermonkey Expedition – special connection handle to generate energy using physical force. The LED lights up green or red, tells you when you rotate the arm with optimum efficiency, and when – too fast or too slow. About ten minutes of exercise is enough to fill 1% of battery capacity.


Instead of manual generator Powermonkey Expedition can be equipped with a special nozzle with hemispherical blades to generate power by the force of wind or water. Of course, in this case, the efficiency will depend on weather conditions or the velocity of flow in the reservoir. The developers claim that the optimum wind speed for a full charge will take between five and eight hours. By the way, resistance to sudden gusts provide special aluminum stand.

Mini turbine can be used in conjunction with a solar panel for faster charging.


The stored energy can be supplied with Powermonkey Expedition to two customers: one of them is connected to a 12-volt DC terminal and the other – to 5-volt USB-interface. The device weighs about 1.8 kg.

In the sale of novelty will arrive in May, the price of the complete set – about $ 700.

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