Prague – the city of romance

Prague – the city of romance

Prague - the city of romance

Prague – the romantic city, different to any other city in the world. This is a favorite holiday destination of millions of tourists. Prague is located in the center of the Czech Republic on 9 hills. If you have the desire to take a walk through the medieval streets, breathe the air of the era of kings and knights – that Prague for you.

In the Czech capital has many attractions. They make the city unique. Even Prague Airport deserves special attention. The most popular place for tourists on Old Town Square. It was with her travelers begin their tour of Prague. Here is the City Hall. It established the famous astronomical clock. They can be used to determine the time, day of the vernal equinox, and in which phase is the moon. The clock chimes every hour, while before the eyes of tourists presents a real mini-performance, after which the rooster crows.

Prague - the city of romancePrague - the city of romance

Charles Bridge – one of the favorite places for tourists and locals alike. None visit to Prague is complete without a tour of the Charles Bridge. Here offers wonderful views of the city and of the Vltava River. Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in Europe. It has its own history, its legends. Old belief states if the lovers kiss on that bridge, you will always be together.

One of the biggest castles in the world is Prague Castle. It is the residence of the President of the country. On inspection of the Prague Castle with its exquisite palaces, gardens, art galleries, you can spend the whole day.

Prague - the city of romance

At the famous Petrin Hill is located likeness of the Eiffel Tower in Paris – Petrin tower height of 60 m. On the observation deck of the hill you can climb on the lift or walk. Petrin Hill – the most romantic place in Prague. Quiet parks, gardens and magnificent views of the city – that’s what attracts tourists.

Zlata lanes – lovely quiet street with small houses invites to stroll lovers of peace. Once upon a time it housed jewelery workshops. Now in their place are various shops where you can buy souvenirs in the memory of the trip to Prague.

In the old part of town is the Jewish Quarter. Old-New Synagogue and the old Jewish cemetery is worth it to pay attention to them.

Attractions in Prague huge number. Here we describe only some of them. It is a city of museums, galleries, exhibitions, palaces, monuments, castles. In Prague, you can wander the ancient streets or visit scenic parks. There you can not only walk, but also to work out or have a little picnic.

About Prague can talk endlessly. This city has inspired many famous poets, musicians and artists to create their immortal works.

Prague - the city of romance

A boat trip on the river Vltava will be an unforgettable. You will see the city from a different angle. Beauty of evening Prague, beautiful music and fine dining – all it offers such a tour.

Prague – this is the best place for a romantic trip. This city is in some sense superior to the famous Paris. Only in Prague you can feel yourself like a fairy tale. Despite the fact that Prague is always filled with a large number of tourists, you can always retire and say to your loved one that in other circumstances you would not dare.