How to do a pregnancy test

How to do a pregnancy test


Each girl enters the sexually inexperienced, not knowing elementary truths (sometimes even such as the need for contraception to be unreliable). After the first sexual intercourse she may appear resistant fear of early pregnancy – especially if for some reason some will fail due to the release cycle of girls celibacy.

In this case, will only a simple science, as do a pregnancy test. Making a break with some more tests from different manufacturers, or she will be able to confirm their fears and have to start thinking what to do next, and finally make sure that the delay caused by other reasons.

Device test

A pregnancy test is a small area of ​​thick paper, with the three stripes. A – is the level to which test should be immersed (or wet) in the urine. The second and the third consists of the enzymes, the color receiving color on reaction with certain hormones. One bar means there is no pregnancy test when properly made, two with a probability of 95% means pregnancy. The remaining 5% can be attributed to the rare instances where girls diseases that trigger the production of the same hormones in about the same amount as that of the pregnant woman.

Method of Use

And yet the girls more interested to know how to do a pregnancy test, and not because of what tricks it works. It’s very simple: you have to pee on him (preferably – first draining urine and having a test somewhere in the middle of urination). If it’s inconvenient – you can substitute any small vessel into which the test will need to submerge up to the marked level.

After dipping the test must be placed in a horizontal position and leave for five minutes. If after five minutes the labeling strips do not color – the test is defective and need to do another. According to the results of a positive test, it is desirable to apply without delay to the gynecologist – perhaps pregnancy, but there are some serious pathology.