What can not be pregnant

What can not be pregnant


What can you eat and what not, what can be done, but from what it should be abandoned, when you’re in a position to read this article.

When it is desired pregnancy, the woman immediately begins to worry about the health of your baby. What can you eat and what not, what can be done, but from what it should be abandoned. If you are in an interesting position, prepare to flow tips from many well-wishers. But let’s deal with the most common recommendations.

Emphasis on nutrition

Probably you already know that you can not consume alcohol pregnant, strong coffee and tea products with a high content of dyes, preservatives and other food additives. It is desirable for this time (and even the rest of life) to go on a healthy diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables, not necessarily expensive overseas, the best of those that grow in your region. Include in your diet fish, seafood, beef. Drink plenty of fluids – clean water, fresh juices, milk, yogurt. Be careful with herbal decoctions, because not every herb is useful to you now. Give up the daisies, viburnum, marigold, they raise the tone of the uterus and can cause bleeding.

Barbers passion

Folk wisdom says that you can not pregnant haircut, dye your hair and eyelashes. Recent studies have not found any connection with the manipulation of the head and with the state of the baby. Of course, from painting and permed hair is desirable to give, because there is no need child poisoned by harmful fumes still in the womb. But pruning tips or bangs perfectly acceptable: groomed hairstyle only significantly spoil the future mom mood. The minimum amount of makeup on her face and will not damage the fetus, although the grandmother can tell you that from this pipsqueak can be born ugly.

Forbidden lessons

What can not pregnant yet? Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers firmly believe that you can not do needlework, hang your laundry, look at the ugly and sad, do hard labor. Modern science partially debunks these myths. About needlework: You can, but not for long, because the tense posture leads to poor blood flow, and therefore the baby gets less oxygen and nutrients. Reach for the linen cords can, importantly, do not overwork.And if you feel tension or pain, you should stop immediately. Well, about a sad or scary, there is such a connection: they cause negative emotions, and it affects the well-being of the child. So it takes that you like, take walks in the fresh air and enjoy the best moment in your life.