Before the premiere of the updated Focus few days left

Before the premiere of the updated Focus few days left


Russian office of Ford voiced premiere date updated bestseller. First it will be shown next week at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​and later the car will be the highlight of the exhibition at the Geneva Motor Show Ford.

Officials traditionally called that going to demonstrate the “new Ford Focus”. However, in this case, it is obviously a question of restyling. Apparently, the manufacturer will be limited by fitting ambiguous appearance “Focus” under the current corporate standards and modernization of the motor scale.

As for the exterior of the family, it seems to test prototypes, not just get in the photo spies lenses, Focus receive different grille in the style of the new generation Ford Mondeo. In addition, be subject to reconsideration at least the front bumper and head optics. It is possible that Ford will use in restyling as an excuse to upgrade your motor range “Focus” at the expense of new engines of EcoBoost. It is possible that the “Focus” and get the famous three-cylinder engine of 1 liter recognized once the “Engine of the Year” – it develops up to 125 horsepower.

Russian representation Ford promised to disclose the date of the appearance of the updated Ford Focus in our country later.