How to prepare for sea cruises

How to prepare for sea cruises

How to prepare for sea cruises
What man has not dreamed of as a child of the sea voyages and adventures? Today, this dream is quite possible to implement due to the fun and memorable sea cruise. What you should know about sea cruises and how to prepare for their sea voyage?


How to prepare for sea cruises

Depending on the purpose of the trip all the cruises can be divided into three types:

  • Excursion. They pass through the popular tourist destinations, allowing visitors not only to rest comfortably on the liner, but also to organize sightseeing tours on the beach. Sightseeing cruises, in particular, are on the Mediterranean.
  • Relaxation. Here the main goal – to provide tourists with all the possibilities to stay on the liner, including swimming in the pool, sunbathing, going to restaurants. It may be, for example, a remarkable journey for the Caribbean.
  • Expedition. These cruises take place away from the popular tourist destinations. They offer people a little adventure in a fairly comfortable environment. As an example of this is a journey through the harsh northern seas.

Keep in mind that much of the cruise is only available in a certain season. In particular, during the summer organized cruises along the shores of the Mediterranean countries, and in the winter, in turn, are available cruises in America and Asia. Whichever cruise you prefer, it is important to choose the right boat, where you will float.

How to prepare for sea cruises

There are several basic options based on the size of the ship (because the larger the vessel, the greater the opportunities for recreation, it is able to offer):

  • Small vessels of from 2 to 25 tons. You can choose a ship for a cruise, if value intimate atmosphere and are willing to put up with a limited set of entertainment. In such a vessel, for example, be only one restaurant.
  • Average vessels of 25 – 50 thousand tons. On these vehicles a lot more entertainment and value added services. The seas are more stable in comparison with the small boat, but also more maneuverable when compared with the huge liners. These ships can easily enter the small ports, which is an advantage when organizing a Mediterranean cruise.
  • Huge cruise ships with a displacement of up to 150 thousand tons of tourists to provide the largest selection of entertainment and services. Here and music concerts, and evening shows, and much more. They usually hit the road for seven or eleven days. The only drawback of such aircraft – a large crowd of people, and for life, as a rule, on a pre-designed program.

Apart from the size, pay attention to the year of construction vessel. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate its technical condition, as well as indirectly to determine the level of comfort and the range of possibilities. Of course, a trip on a luxury cruise liner today will cost more. Be sure to ask in advance what the cruise offers entertainment as the ship is equipped. Please note that part of the cost of your trip, and what services you have to pay separately. Most often, meals (full board) is included in the total cost, as well as visiting all the entertainment on board.

In addition to the vessel, it is important to choose the right accommodation or cabin. Cabins in the central part of the ship are often more expensive than those which are arranged on the bow or stern.The whole point is that the sea pitching in this part of the vessel is transferred more easily. Another rule – the higher the deck, the more expensive. The most economical in terms of cost are accommodation cabin interior, which do not have windows. They should pay attention to if you want to spend most of their times on the ship outside the cabin, that is, attending various events, sunbathing by the pool or playing sports.

How to prepare for sea cruises

Cabins with a window – a more attractive option, but it is important to understand where the cabin is located in relation to the hull of the ship, and that is a porthole. If the cabin is located in the body vessel, then the window is small. If the window will go out on the deck, it can be a full-size, but in this case you will have to defend against prying eyes drawn curtains. Cabins with balcony – a great option for those who want to be alone with the sea. Watching from the balcony of the progress of the ship, you can get a lot of vivid impressions. But, of course, are more expensive than usual, such cabins. When choosing a cabin pay attention to those facilities that are located on or next to it. After all the noise from the restaurant or disco night – not the most pleasant companion in a sea cruise.

 How to prepare for sea cruises


On a cruise, in addition to light, casual clothes and bathing accessories, you should definitely take at least one evening dress to attend dinners and events. Also it is necessary to grab warm clothes for evening walks along the deck. Be sure to observe the traditions of dress of the countries and cities that you want to visit during your trip. Bring a comfortable, practical shoes, if your cruise includes sightseeing tours. Carry-on luggage put a first aid kit with several medicines for first aid, as well as with pills from the sea pitching. Very useful thing in the sea cruise can be the headphones, because ships are held almost every day some or other big events.

With regard to motion sickness, it may interfere with your comfortable staying on the ship. To avoid nausea, abdominal cramping and other symptoms pitching sea, refer to the following tips:

  • Spend more time on the deck, enjoying the fresh air;
  • Select cabins in the middle of the ship, where there is less pitching;
  • Pick a cruise with short sea crossing;
  • Book a cabin on large, modern ships, which are more comfortable ride;
  • As soon as you feel that you begin to rock, lie down on the bed for a few minutes;
  • Avoid heavy, fatty foods, eat more seafood;
  • Take a trip specialized medicine or some pills for nausea.