Under pressure from Google, Samsung simplify their Android-shell

Under pressure from Google, Samsung simplify their Android-shell


All you’ve likely come to know about the agreement between Google and Samsung’s joint licensing (up by as much as 10 years), they concluded as recently as surely read work Eldar Murtazin about this event. Some time after this became officially available information about the Chinese company selling Motorola Lenovo , which in its time has distinguished acquisition units for the production of personal computers infamous IBM (the ones with ThinkPad’y “red pimpochkoj”). How do these events affect the mobile market in general and themselves Motorola and Lenovo in particular, we have yet to figure out, but the first information about Google and Samsung has already begun to appear.

Currently in the Korean company working on a new appearance with his trademark shell, which now bears the name of the Magazine UX and first appears in the new tablet models and families Note Pro Tab Pro; she is very different from the familiar to us TouchWiz, presenting a bright and colorful mix of ” tile ┬╗Modern UI and some Flipboard. Watch it, you can telephone the variation below.

Whether it’s good or bad, to solve in the first place we are with you, but Google is concerned that an increasing proportion (already around 25% in the fourth quarter of 2013) sold Android-devices are Chinese machines that (for obvious reasons ) are denied services preinstalled Google, and tries to rectify the situation, if not, then at least to prevent further growth of this indicator. It was decided to start immediately, the largest producer of Android-smartphone on the present moment – Samsung, because almost every application from Google has its “double” in the notorious branded shells Korean company, whether or TouchWiz Magazine UX.

At the request of Re / code, both companies are now coming to a number of mutual agreements, which will lead to a simplification of the appearance of Samsung software and its approach to that of the “naked┬╗ Android, although it will be close and virtually identical firmware, of course, is not necessary. Currently, this information is not official and confirmed, but sources say that, first, Magazine UX will no longer be used to further the company’s products, and, secondly, the entire package will be removed applications Samsung, which will be included in the list and Post such as ChatON and WatchON.