Prestigio Grace review – 5,5 mm steel and glass

Prestigio Grace review – 5,5 mm steel and glass

Prestigio Grace review

Smartphone makers lazy as hell and have not particularly able to surprise the consumer. Prestigio made an attempt to change things and successfully licensed one of the Chinese developments, yielding one of the world’s thinnest smartphone with a premium appearance – Prestigio Grace.

Original title – Prestigio MultiPhone PSP 7557, but to me from these indices somehow not in itself, so it will be easy – Grace. Also agreed that it was a bit too clever by half with the format of the review and make it in the style of “what is good and what is bad” for each fad. I think it will be a visual and interesting. Be sure to wait for reviews of this format in the comments. Let’s go.

The headset is completely refuses to play the bass, interchangeable nozzles are not delivered, but looks style and cold ear, because they themselves are made of metal inserts.

Design and Ergonomics – Prestigio Grace

The smartphone has a thin and moderately easy, it fits nicely in the hand and the controls in the form of triple buttons on the left side are easily accessible and do not cause discomfort. Boca metal, the back of the smartphone is covered by tempered glass, which is intended to save it from scratch and not always smooth hands of the owner.

Camera with flash protrude slightly from the body but are not subject to wear. Headphone jack moved to the bottom of, for me personally that engineers get a solid top five autographed. Looks solid construction reliably. Black smartphone can be recommended to some enviable businessman as the main unit – Colleagues appreciate and envy.

Prestigio Grace review

If before we pat on the head producer for his achievements in the field of design and ergonomics, it’s time to uncover the soldering iron and cook for the torture chamber, in fact actually have something.

Glass on the back quite simply monstrous Mark and collects fingerprints even where there should have been. From a distance, imperceptibly, but let someone hold it in your hands without first wiping microfiber, be ashamed.

The space above and below the screen spent damn irrationally. At the bottom, there was a place for old-style touch buttons (button no recent applications, but there are functional) with backlight. Above the screen, there are sensors and camera lens.

Despite a lot of space, there was no place for the critical element – the notification light. This moment is seriously aggravated by the quality of performance sound component, which we will discuss later.

Also, our friend from metal and glass is very slippery, it will be on hand crush tests fans, but obviously upset a simple user who rolled back the device for a tidy sum.


Prestigio Grace review

Prestigio Grace has at its disposal soundly SUPER AMOLED matrix with excellent color and good viewing angles. Automatic brightness control operates more than adequate, and the minimum level allows you to not strain your eyes during the night reading. Oleophobic coated screen, unlike the back of the phone, holds 4 plus and hardly gathers fingerprint fingers.

Alas, but your maximum display brightness is insufficient for comfortable operation on a bright sunny day. If the winter on the street you can still use your smartphone, then it would be in the summer, I imagine problematic.

Camera – Prestigio Grace

Prestigio Grace on the camera left a positive impression. I took with me a miracle smartphones on tour and took some shots with five hundred frames. The front camera is good and will fit for any use cases.

The main module is also at altitude, which is especially noticeable on the panoramic images with lots of fine detail. In low light conditions partially rescues mode HDR.

Prestigio Grace review

The manufacturer does not bother on finalizing the camera application that the output gives us a rather meager list of available settings (in particular, variations in image resolution and additional effects), a relatively long recording time (about 1,5s) and a little bit inhibited mode HDR (shooting in this mode takes longer than the reference Nexus 5)

Hardware Platform

In simple terms, the smartphone works very well. Iron fillings consisting of eight-chip from MTK and 2 GB of RAM demonstrates an impressive performance in everyday tasks. In the toys on the smartphone, I have not played. Firstly, it has another purpose, and secondly, the capacity of the battery does not contribute to this. 16 GB of memory is enough for most consumers, which is also a special thanks to the company.

Three negative points:

1) Support for memory cards are not delivered, and it means that the fans and music lovers pass by.

2) If you lie down watch a movie before going to sleep, you may find that Prestigio Grace heated kettle. Thanks for that small thickness and eight cores.

3) The number of parrots in the synthetic tests measure very angry fans iron and still a little more than half received for today’s champions. This is due to the use of 8-cold nuclei Cortex-A7, which, unlike Cortex-A15, sharpened more energy saving than on performance records. On the other hand, the quality of the device is not in any way affected, as I mentioned above.

Software Platform

Prestigio leaves no attempts to improve and finished his creation. On top of Android, 4.4 stretched naked branded services manufacturer, which may be useful. In particular, we are talking about a small app store, a book-reader with built-in kiosk and cloud storage Prestigio Cloud. The rest of the firmware left without significant changes, all the usual.

Pursuit wants to praise service organization. When I had a question with installing the update, I immediately consulted representatives Prestigio over the phone and the problem was solved quickly.

Prestigio Grace – a bad example of how a manufacturer tests its new developments on the users. We are talking about the program Multistart, designed to replace the standard lock screen. It is enabled by default and works, to put it mildly, so-so.

The animation is very break (after update corrected), and if quickly lock or unlock your smartphone, Multistart may not appear. However, no one bothers to turn off this thing and bring back the classic lock screen. Also, I am sure that through other manufacturer did bring to mind its achievements and users will get really interesting and useful lock screen with access to important notifications and customization.

Sound – Prestigio Grace

Well, in general, the smartphone has a speaker. And yes, through it is quite possible to listen to music at home. That’s all.

Prestigio Grace review

Have you ever missed a day 20 calls from his mother and the boss? Imagine that feeling? So I managed to excel. Removing the ringer volume to maximum, the technology is enabled in your sound reinforcement and even set as a ring “AC / DC – Big Gun”, I have not heard of a single incoming day. The phone is in your pocket classic jeans. Do not save the situation and the vibration motor, it is very weak. Let’s take another example. I accidentally forgot your phone at home in the bedroom on the table. During my absence called me three times. The man in the next room with the door closed and heard nothing.

Voice quality earpiece is average, sometimes you have to squeeze just a smartphone in your ear to make out the voice of the caller.


Battery capacity of 2300 mAh enough light smartphone on the average day of operation. At minimum brightness and with a headset connected have the opportunity to watch a video about five hours.

Permanent data transmission via mobile internet or Wi-Fi, supported navigation software, destroy the charge with the speed of light. When such activity smartphone will ask to eat by lunchtime. Prepare to be that PowerBank become your best friend.

Findings – Prestigio Grace

Prestigio Grace review

Prestigio Grace turned outwardly elegant device with excellent ergonomics, brisk and cool filling chamber. The minimum thickness of a mixture of glass and metal, strict forms will not leave anyone indifferent. Its price tag of $ 300 (if you believe Hotline), he justifies.

Prestigio Grace also became an example of inattention to detail the manufacturer, which is expressed in the absence of oleophobic coating glass on the back of the smartphone, flaws shell (Multistart) and very mediocre speakers, which essentially negate the benefits of the telephone component of the device. Geeks will also be unhappy with the hardware platform and the lack of support for memory cards.

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