30.09.2015 1:41

Preview Mad Catz FREQ TE 7.1. It’s time to register for pre-order

Mad Catz The company began taking pre-orders for gaming headset called FREQ TE 7.1. This new generation of gaming headphones that will give its owner a clean sound, excellent quality and other bonuses, which have become the standard for devices of this type. Immediately it is worth noting that the novelty is not representative expensive segment – a price tag of just $ 100. For the money you get the ideal product for gaming tasks, listen to music and even talking on a smartphone or some VoIP-service. Today we introduce you to this new product, explain the key differences from competitors and may disappoint your wallet, because as soon as you have it exactly devastate a small amount. Agree that if the market goes quite affordable device with perfect sound quality, why not splurge? As a result, you will enjoy that money not appreciate.

The case design Mad Catz FREQ TE 7.1

The supplied headphones FREQ TE 7.1 are in three colors casing – black, white and red. For each type of user, so to speak, presented the colors. Mounting plate, holding ear cups is made of sturdy material, has a soft pillow under your head, so you do not feel discomfort during a long passage of a game. The transition from the mounting plate for cups made of black plastic, in all variants of coloring, and it creates an interesting contrast effect. On the side faces of the bowls are the keys, which we’ll talk a little later, and logo of the company in Vire scratches. Headphones FREQ TE 7.1 very bulky, strong and solid – ideal characteristics for the gaming device. Due to the large size of the headphones, you get the desired sound insulation and ears will not get tired of extended wear. In terms of design problems at the Mad Catz definitely not.

Preview Mad Catz FREQ TE 7.1. It's time to register for pre-order
Characteristics Mad Catz FREQ TE 7.1

Stated playback range of frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz, bundled with the product is a special software for the equalizer settings and improve the sound in certain toys. The microphone is mounted on the left side of the headphones can be removed if you do not need to communicate with the team during the game. Its frequency is 200-5000 Hz, microphone and flexible thanks to the special structure of the winding, over time will not break from the frequent bends. Surround sound is generated by two 50-mm emitters and the external sound card. The sound quality is very high, although it is not the most expensive option.

Rewards Mad Catz FREQ TE 7.1

Headphones FREQ TE 7.1 can be connected to a computer, console, mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to a special key on the earphone housing, you will be able to receive calls or to lay down the phone without taking your smartphone out of your pocket or staying focused on the gameplay. Here is the key adjust the volume. The same applies to the microphone – it can be removed during the game, if you get tired of communicating. Connect the headphones you’ll be using a cable with two 3.5-mm jack on one side and on the second MicroUSB.

Preview Mad Catz FREQ TE 7.1. It's time to register for pre-order
Results Mad Catz FREQ TE 7.1

If you like new, then hurry to make a reservation – after the release of new products in the light, the price may go up a little bit. Now, for $ 100 to find something better not happen. On the whole, headphones FREQ TE 7.1 is all you need even professional gamers – noise reduction, sound quality, excellent microphone and keys work with sound directly on the body. Throw in software and EQ, get the best gift amateur shooters or tank battles.