27.04.2014 1:47

Preview movie “Raid 2” – born to beat

We were advised to look many times “THE RAID 2: BERANDAL” – Indonesian militant. We were advised we nodded and said: “Sure!” – And delayed the introduction. How many of them were already about martial arts fighters shot one scenario … So I started to watch a movie without much hope, and finished – bouncing in his chair with delight.

First “Raid” at the time caused a stir because of its special bloodthirstiness and skillfully assigned combat scenes. A squad of cops comes to the cleaning of flats inhabited by thugs. As a result, almost all of the group dies, but the main character by the name of Rama breaks loose, leaving behind piles of mutilated corpses.
Despite the limited plot, the film stands out against other Asian militants, especially the Chinese, with their flying on ropes kung fu masters. Rama beat without mercy, just the defeat, pouring gray corridors blood. Fights were admired and horror at the same time. But it was hard to wait for the revelations of the second part. It was hard to believe that fantasy authors then be able to offer something more impressive, and the plot is not especially interested. However, Gareth Evans, a British director, did not disappoint. For four and a half million dollars he and his martial arts master named Iko Yuvays (aka frame) and thousands of disposable stunt did something on that Hollywood today is not capable of. Yes, in general, never could.
The plot is more complex, but again deprived of originality. Rama agrees to infiltrate the criminal group to find evidence of links between the Mafia and dirty cops. There he finds himself in the crossfire. Starting friction within the clan. Start a war between clans. The police, which should cover the back only substitutes. And Rama in these showdowns – not the main. He’s just a fighter who is trying to survive in a meat grinder. Intrigue weave quite different puppeteers.
Gareth Evans work out fine images villains. They are interesting. They draw their skill and sadistic habits. Every scene involving these maniacs keeps in suspense, as they are not in a hurry to follow orders, kill their prey slowly, cynically previously scattered dozens of guards.
Since dismantling take Asians, firearms here rarely used. Anything goes that on his way: bits, bottles, knives, hammers, chairs. Stuntmen do not regret. Seems to have tried to kill them especially during filming, not to pay. Poor guys fall on sharp corners and flipped spins flop on concrete, fly through the windshield not on mattresses.
Fights are often removed one up, so it becomes uncomfortable on how naturally gushing blood and bones crunching. Rama shoots so that the enemy has not risen, as he often confronts more than a dozen thugs. Operator miraculously slides in boiling crowd manages to shoot all the time to turn from one scene to another without missing anything.
Clashes take place in different circumstances: in the mud, in the narrow corridors, in the cockpit of the car, in a train. Opponents do not count, but the operator miraculously succeeds everywhere, not missing anything: broken teeth, shredded body gushing blood.
“Raid 2” – a severe movie, but the cruelty of it especially attractive, Asian. Every fight is preceded by a tense scene. How tightly coiled spring, ready to break at the slightest push. The enemy must realize their utter helplessness, gasp in horror, only to lose hope and then die. Guards die in the process, quickly and badly. Who will smear on the wall, who on the stove fry.
– He rises.
– Stop it!
And all this without opostylevshih slowdowns and savoring moments. The film is two and a half hours and leaves a good aftertaste. In my head flashed pictures of fights, and a desire to immediately repeat viewing, it is advisable to drive to skip the chatter and soon move to scuffle.


One of the best fighters with impeccable choreography fights fierce battles, interesting characters.The plot is simple, there are a lot of conventions, but the main function he copes: keeps the intrigue, provoke Rama on actions and turns undercover cop in violent avenger. The film is tough, so not everyone will like. But his honesty is captivating to the audience. Battles look natural and masterful operator only emphasizes the fact that not all of the stunt returned home safe and sound.