Preview and opinion movie 22 Jump Street

Preview and opinion movie 22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

Movie 22 Jump Street  is not trying to seem something original. But the authors, led by the first part of the duo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller successfully entertain the public performances of hilarious characters, surprising plot twists and a fun design of many elements: the chase to narcotic intoxication.
Genco cops (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill), after the successful introduction of the school and disclosure network to sell the drug failed to become “adult” crime fighters. They fail miserably job to apprehend dangerous bandit. For this they were again sent to deal with the drug dealers, but in college. On students, even suspicious adults, Genco and more like Schmidt.

The plot resembles the original obscene. Characters at every opportunity noted that this case is similar to the previous. Upon arriving at college youthful cops again faced with the need to attend classes and answer questions teachers. I am glad that both characters can rattle off ridiculous nonsense in class or to arrange a presentation at a meeting of poets improvisers. Secondaries, until the differences between the partners, which is masked by the cheerful rhythm of the narrative.

The authors do not tighten the scene and quickly switch between storylines. Heroes dip into student life with booze and consumption of illicit substances, pushed the investigation, quarrel, make up, cursing with his superiors and realize that dissimilar people can be real friends. Banal things in 22 Jump Street is not annoying due to the excellent jokes. Heroes here with a straight face mock police. Decisive fight turns into accusations of sexual harassment and a reference to the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Run up the stairs ends parody comic book hero.

22 Jump Street
Dramatic, so to speak, part of the tape is a cruel mockery of the relationship between man and a woman. Dialogues, including a meeting with the psychologist, impregnated emphasized silly phrases, actions and meaningful glances, typical for romantic melodramas. However, as a “loving couple” are the adult males, and sexual problems take place difficulties in disclosure of “entangled” crimes.

Our success 22 Jump Street is not spectacular finds, and the ability to assemble simple elements together. Due to this and frisky quirks plot at certain points begin to laugh along with the characters of the film.

Also the picture is free from useless heroes. Here everything is interesting in its own way and each has distinctive features. Whether it’s an epileptic chief Genco and Schmidt, bleary-eyed fan of American football or textbook gangster (played by Peter Stormare), bored by the nineties. Therefore, even the bad jokes, of which a little, do not spoil the overall impression.

Of course, the film is not a thoughtful detective, but in this case, this assumption does not seem catastrophic disadvantage because the creators are forced to quickly forget about inconsistencies and laugh the next joke or battle. Especially the fight scenes are not limited to mutual insults. Heroes beat opponents using improvised means, until tucked under her hand. Shootouts and chase accompanied by fine parodies of classic fighters.

22 Jump Street


Wonderful representative of “movies to relax.” 22 Jump Street The authors masterfully mixed parody of famous paintings, ridicule endless sequels, as well as a pleasant surprise unpredictable moves. Characters cynically mock romance. Story time changes direction and does not force regret the stupid script. Action comedy should enthrall both verbal jokes and funny staging battles and copes with this tape is great.

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