02.10.2015 3:25

Preview Pebble Time Round

The Internet has long been rumors about Pebble Time Round with a round display, but before the official release, it was just a rumor. Now we have shown Pebble Time Round and can safely exhale – watch and really smart. The developer, however, constantly said that to compare this device with Apple Watch is not the right decision, as the watch differ in their abilities and are buying them for different purposes. In any case, the novelty has become even more attractive, the dial round shape fits perfectly into the modern fashion, and the opportunity to buy a variety of straps makes accessory simply indispensable in everyday life. Today we tell you about the innovations that received Pebble Time Round, and explain why the difference between the original model of Time, and this product is practically not in terms of the technical and filling capabilities. The user needs to know what will give their blood.

The case design Pebble Time Round

Manufacturer showed three options dials color – silver, gold and black.

We, of course, black like the most, but also gold and silver have the right to life – the weaker sex to accurately estimate such a watch. It should be noted that Pebble Time Round is available in two variants – with fastening strap under 14 and 20 millimeters in width. In the first option, with 14 mm strap, there are three colors of color, and 20-millimeter gold case is not only silver and black. Diameter watch a total of 38.5 millimeters. Very compact look even a little female hand, body thickness of only 7.5 millimeters. Because of this, the watch is not much to stick out his hand, do not interfere in daily life. The device weighs only 28 grams, while the body is made entirely of metal. Of course, the taste and color of comrades not, but we really liked this gadget. Even more than Apple Watch.

Preview Pebble Time Round

Toppings Pebble Time Round

Manufacturer persistently talks about the technical characteristics of the watch, but it is not so important.

The fact that both Pebble Time Round would have a complete operating system and all the functions derived from the box, operate perfectly. By this, the CPU watch speed and RAM we do not particularly care about. But the manufacturer will mark an opportunity to charge the device for an hour to 1 day battery life. Just do not forget that for the complete phase charging watch receive 7-10 days of battery life in active use. None of the watches on the market so can not boast.

Preview Pebble Time Round

Straps Pebble Time Round

At the moment, the manufacturer introduced five kinds of straps – a proprietary solution, which will be supplied with the product in a box.

But he also pointed to the manufacturer of third-party solutions – metal straps, straps with smart features like rendering of the pulse and so on. The manufacturer develop new straps will not, so you propose to look for what you want, on the network. Standard same straps are perfect for everyday wear to work, to the gym or out on a date with a stranger.

Preview Pebble Time Round

Results Pebble Time Round

Manufacturer asks for Pebble Time Round with a leather strap $ 250.

It’s a great price, considering the price lists to other devices on the market. For $ 300 you get a watch with metal strap, but they go on sale later leather. Deliveries will begin Nov. 8 hours, and now, if you like the product, you can pre-order and get the device first. Developers can also download the official SDK and create their own applications for smart hours. The audience will be broad, believe me.