Preview: Raven’s Cry

Preview: Raven’s Cry


Planted a few years ago a pirate brigantine Raven’s Cry in May this year should finally get the stocks and get off at the trade routes gaming seas and oceans. Hard to say what hurt her to do it before – drunken builders, rotten wood, no gold piastres in the trunk of the master or all together at once.

But, be that as it may, completely changing during a stop in the Caribbean and the development team to uncover the terrible cannon, pirate action is determined to arrive at the port of destination on May 7. Get it or not – only one kraken knows, but to talk more about the Raven’s Cry is worth, if only because there are not many quality games about pirates saw the gaming world for the last time (about Assassin do not recall, it is purely by chance in filibusters has moved) .

The philosophy of the future game is simple as hitting saber – pirates – it’s not noble knights of cloak and dagger, covered with a halo of romance and adventure – it’s cruel and heartless killer potroshaschie people for profit and beating stabbed in the back by stealth, as soon as the case.

Complication of the plot itself pulls us with you from the world of dreams and has a rough face on the rough wooden deck – a pirate ship under the command of ill Neville Scranton, nicknamed “Devil” boarded another unfortunate ship on board which, among others, was a small boy, Christopher Raven-six years old. While pirates cackling, robbed and cut team holds, small Christopher tried to hide, but it was not there – he was caught, dragged onto the deck and forced to watch as his whole family dies. However, this did not stop ruthless pirates – boy joke cut off his left hand and kept alive on a sinking ship – so decided to have fun villains.

But they miscalculated badly – boy fished out of the water fisherman Marcus, of whom there were a lot of different mysterious rumors. Christopher Raven survived and forgotten nothing. Thirst for revenge helped it grow faster, and the fury strengthens muscles. When the time came, Christopher Raven stepped on pirate trails to find Neville Scranton and severely punish him.
If we talk about the technical stuffing game, it gives me mixed feelings. Judging by the commercials, then, unfortunately, the schedule does not look like a magical fountain of whiskey, but, among other things, the game is not out yet, and until May time to refine and fine-tuning – a whole galleon.

By the sound of no claims, fighting system does not cause tears of pity – in principle, this can be a standard soup set has not even salty. Besides developers, as usual, promises all sorts of super-duper buns.

Apparently, the way Christopher Avenger will consist of smoothly flowing into each other overland adventure and sea battles, which by itself is planned to introduce gamers to the highest level.

On currently available information, the marine part Raven’s Cry, except command ship, being directly at the helm, Christopher can throw the wheel (probably to transfer his assistant – but it’s only a guess), and help your team in different cases – set sail charge guns etc.

Of course, the important part is boarded, because pirates sink ships not profitable – it vice versa, you must first take the ship, rob him up to the waterline and below, and only then start at the bottom.
As for the land part of the pirate adventures of the protagonist Chantigeroya, the developers promise a player here treasure of Captain Flint in a cool fighting system and vivid story problems.

First, it is expected that Christopher would transform his crippled arm in a terrible weapon to kill a stump-wrap steel hook, serrated blades and other deadly devices. I think, here and Junge will be understood that each nozzle is connected murderous beautiful combo, and sometimes more than one. Silicon guns in the arsenal Raven will also be, but rather as a remedy at hand – shot and tossed it aside without reloading.

Second, Christopher will have certain supernormal (temporary invulnerability, call for help pack evil ravens, the resurrection of the dead), activation of which will need to be, as usual, to save energy, cut to shreds a couple dozen enemies, and be able to use a variety of exotic pirate artifacts , the effect of which is not clearly described by the developers. Fear retribution disturbed spirits, probably.

Third, trusting gamers promise similarity nonlinear plot, depending on the behavior of the protagonist Chantigeroya. For example, if you need information, you can either just priperetsya informant to the wall and believe his babbling or nailed his hand to the table with a knife and ask you to repeat. he said more clearly. However, consider that if you cut survives, he can lie down, call friends and start hunting for Christopher.

Fourth, similar to Assassin’s Creed, the world will change with time. As the game progresses in the shops there will be new products, change people on the streets, it may be adjusted architecture.

Plus, the creators claim that the game world is not itself be narrowly limited – if you see on the horizon the high mountains or interesting island, then you will be fully able to get there – it would wish.

If swashbuckling buccaneers from Reality Pump suddenly end rum and not run out of piastres, in May 2014 you yourself can decide – whether to hang Raven’s Cry from the yardarm or still help Christopher Raven accomplish his revenge. As for me, I’m in no hurry to let this project on board – most certainly put five guineas for his success, thunder strike me!