Prime Minister of New Zealand began an 11-month campaign to change the...

Prime Minister of New Zealand began an 11-month campaign to change the state flag before elections


Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key spoke in favor of changing the state flag. In his statement, he decided to put an end to a long dispute about what has to be the national flag of the island nation. Head of government plans to discuss a change of state symbols ministers soon.

Matter of changing the national flag, as admitted Kay, now it does not number one, but it is required to solve. On the nose the parliamentary elections, and citizens, the prime minister said, should not have to divert a new debate on the new flag. But if the government approves the idea, supported by the Parliament, the amendment proposal will be put to a referendum, the prime minister said.

Local newspaper The New Zealand Herald has tried to carry out a small survey citizens about whether to change the state flag. Readers are offered a choice of several options. Among them was the current flag with the “Union Jack” and flag, which depicts a sprig Ciatim silver, often called the silver fern. This type of plant is considered a national symbol of New Zealand. It can be seen on posters of various organizations and sports teams in this country.

According to a survey of New Zealand edition, the largest number of votes (42%) scored the current flag of New Zealand. In its upper left corner shows “Union Jack,” and on the right side – four red stars that symbolize the geographical location of the state. Second place (39%) took the flag with ferns.It depicts a white sprig tives on a black background. However, in July 2013, according to a poll of TV channel TV3 , for changing the flag were 61% of respondents.

The most ardent opponents of the change of the national flag are called representatives of the military community. John Banks, leader of ACT (Association of Consumers and Taxpayers), said that he was against the replacement of one of the most important symbols of the state, as thousands of men fought and gave their lives at the front under this flag, reports Sky News .Prime Minister John Key, in turn, believes that New Zealand is the most appropriate option flag Fern. Supporters of Prime Minister say that banner with national tsiateey emphasize the uniqueness of the state.

Public debate about what should be depicted on the national flag, continues in New Zealand for many years. It started back in 1973, when it began to actively encourage representatives of the Labour Party. Then return to this issue repeatedly in the 1990s and 2000s. However, this time the authorities of the island nation is serious. Question with the flag they intend to resolve before the end of 2014. However, it is possible that it may delay once run parliamentary elections and lost the need to fight for votes.