Prisoner castle Yves: Berlinale showed biography of Saint Laurent

Prisoner castle Yves: Berlinale showed biography of Saint Laurent


A little weird about the events of the Berlin Film Festival, when the whole country merged in ecstasy on the occasion of finding a new cultural phenomenon – the opening of the Sochi Olympics, which is now perceived as a separate work of art (zasunuvshee inside a black hole DJ Rudenko, music by Edward Artemiev and stunned by that there was no breakdown, guests of the show). In the West, Russian straight-age many do not like, and with the trends of successful XXI century art, he does not really fit. Judge for yourself: Cannes ‘Palme d’Or’ gets lesbian drama “Life Adele” at comedy Guillaume Galena (artist one of the roles in the hit Berlinale “Yves Saint Laurent”) “Me, Myself and my mother” (she tells about a boy who wants to be a girl) ten nominations for “Cesar”. Russia is considered the darkest country for gay life, but it does not apply to box office: March 6 Russian appears kissing passionately fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge. RS acquainted with the contents of the tape loud in Berlin.

You know what Steve Jobs have in common, and Yves Saint Laurent in addition to the regular inclusion in the list of “people who changed the world”? No, glasses and even love for turtlenecks: once they give up the ghost, as one after another fell biopic projects dedicated to them, everyone – from two. On the history of life fashion first approaches Jalil Lhesper – this director in his time flashed as an actor in “human resources” Laurent Kant (1999). Then put Lhesper very good debut “Head Wind” (2011) about cling to the roots in his native Saint-Malo proletarian writer with a sad face. Now before Jameel task was serious, and he had to guess very accurately with the actors in the “Yves Saint Laurent” – images of Willow and his business partner (and part-time lover), examples of actors “Comedy Frances” Pierre Nine («LOL [LOL ] “) and Guillaume Gallien (” Italian “).

Later appear even more glamorous by the external signs Bertrand Bonello version (called “Saint Laurent”) with the duo of Gaspard and Jérémie Renier Ulelya, which in the list of leading actors of the project backs Louis Garrel and Léa Seydoux. February 7 “Yves Saint Laurent” Lhesper shown within a specific section of the Berlinale “Panorama”, and if Monsieur Yves not turning in his grave, it must have been close. Classic fashion image in the picture is far from ideal.

On press conference, Jalil said he wanted to combine in one picture all at once. For example, talk about the relationship of Yves men, women, parents, bohemian party-goers, but do not forget about fashion and reach an impressive time span – from 58th to 76th years. As a result, the picture does not actually devoted to the era, and a handful of undeniably charming and talented people who only briefly discuss the war in Algeria the same. This hodgepodge of people, where the main attention is focused on homosexual alcoholics and drug addicts Yiwu, the dominating emotion – neuroticism. Apparently, thanks to him, and was made a revolution in fashion. It is strange that such an idea of ​​the project is still alive blessed old Berger.

Of course, the director tries hard from time to time to remind about the historical significance of his hero. In the frame of flash Warhols and Mondrian, Zizi Jeanmaire commemorated, and the hero Nine wrangle with his longtime rival Karl Lagerfeld. Overall tape reminds guide to “haute couture” for the kids, and all key events are not beaten with grace, like necessary in strips about the world of fashion, and fetishism of modern children of the Internet, “pinned” especially successful in their pictures ” walls “type blogs or Tumblr Pinterest.

Questions from the audience are not very familiar with the activities of Senj Laurent, and his status is revolutionary. Black models, female tuxedos, transparent blouses, candid photoshoot – for the viewer without cultural background is all empty words. In the first half of the tape Lhesper still finds time to follow Laurent creative thought, but in the second – with considerably tightened – all eyes are on Willow tantrums, and women in the frame, in general, inferior to men Cute place. Even luxury Canadian Charlotte Le Bon (she plays the first Saint-Laurent muse Victoire Dyutrelyu) director cleans out long before the final frame. Apparently that does not distract.

You can, of course, justify Jalil Lhesper that his film as a whole must meet the same claim that fashion critics have advanced against the protagonist tape (his work criticized for being too theatrical, and Iva himself – in search of the perfect ways to sell people the beauty of a surrogate) . However, post-modernism in the XXI century – is even more retro than Yves Saint Laurent, so we’ll sharper: Special excuses not to come up with this picture. After the press conference were able to talk RS Guillaume Gallien, who recalled with pleasure the craic Moscow festival “French cinema today.” Even actor autograph somehow brought in Cyrillic. Despite the Russian origin of the mother, linguistic experiments – private initiative Frenchman. “Say that I write like Pushkin? – Responds quickly Gallien parallel appending their squiggles – No! I love Chekhov! “.

It is clear that the actors – people are pretty unsophisticated, so that at the press conference they unanimously asserted that “Yves Saint Laurent” – it’s a great love story between men, and at a level of drama problem is not raised. Of course, about “Brokeback Mountain” and “My Own Private Idaho” nobody really remembered. “Before we started shooting, I asked only one question Jalil. “Who in our couple will be active?” – With engaging seriously Guillaume says, then laughs. – Then we practiced a lot, banishing certain scenes again and again. Cried, of course, but rehearsed. My partner Pierre has a special natural grace. A pleasure to watch that as he moves and speaks. Chic actor. ” The question RS, than he was guided at work on the role, Gallien says the director told him to think about how Salieri lived with Mozart. “Understand how difficult to live with genius and share it with others!”.