Punishment for “big bribe”

Punishment for “big bribe”


Who are trying to overthrow the Turkish Prime Minister

In response to the massive anti-corruption campaign initiated by the Turkish security forces, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent dozens of them to resign. He assures compatriots that under plausible slogans began creeping coup d’état and behind a “dirty conspiracy” by his own colleagues. “PP” restored parts political thriller on the banks of the Bosphorus

“Disgusting trap”

Early in the morning on December 17 Turkish special forces officers made a lightning raid on a few dozen houses and apartments. All this could be mistaken for a normal, albeit massive raid on Mafia if awakened among the 47 police were not so many children of high-ranking officials. The house is one of them, the son of Interior Minister Muammer Guler – Barysh, investigators found numerous bundles of money, dollars and euros, as well as a handwritten “black accounts”. Besides him on suspicion of abuse of various officials and bribery were arrested offspring of ministers of economy and the environment. Thus began “Operation Big bribe”, initiated by the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors.

Added drama that many of those arrested were part of the inner circle head of the Cabinet of Ministers Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister and the beginning of the cleaning was not warned.

Erdogan responded very harshly. “Under the guise of combating corruption – he said, – creates the most that neither is illegal, disgusting and dark trap. Our enemies and friends should know that if someone will pull your hands to our future, to our country, if he would try to drive it into chaos, we will break his arms. “

Were followed for at least hard case. Were sent into retirement a dozen provincial chiefs of police departments, the chief of the Metropolitan Police, the deputy head of the National Police Department, as well as heads of service banking supervision. Istanbul prosecutor and twenty of his senior staff was urgently transferred to other posts. Have lost their jobs and those prosecutors who are directly unraveled “big bribe”, including Zekeriya Oz, engaged loudest things recently.

Finally Prime Minister tried to take control of the obstinate Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, who built anti-corruption campaign. This constitutional body headed by the Minister of Justice formally, but in reality it enjoys considerable autonomy. Tabled in Parliament the Prime Minister’s bill, which puts council under the control of the government, ended genuine fight. MPs threw each other folders with documents, cell phones and water bottles. One of the deputies, contrived, jumped on the table and handing out slaps his less agile opponents.

If the friend was suddenly

In his statement, Erdogan’s hard not casually mentioned not only enemies, but friends. He believes in zealous security forces Islamic preacher Fethullah worth Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in the United States – once his closest ally. Gulen – informal leader of a religious movement “Hizmet” which wishers consider “alternative modernist Salafism” and opponents call “Islamic Opus Dei».

On the internal structure of life and movement is little known. It is not clear even what his numbers: say from one to eight million people, not only in Turkey but also worldwide. Main public activity – education. According to estimates of the magazine Newsweek, in 2009 under the leadership of gyulenistov employed about 300 schools in Turkey and thousands more around the world. Hizmetovskie schools exist in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Movement tried to get in Russia, but the FSB has always treated him with great suspicion, and several books Gulen listed in the Federal list of extremist literature.

Something about the customs prevailing in the movement, activists tell him yourself.

– Our people do not complain – once confided one of Gülen’s close. – If a person with a doctorate degree and a good career will come to see the Master, who advises him to build a house on the North Pole, then the next day he will come back with a suitcase already.
Once it with the support of Prime Minister Erdogan Gulen triumphed over the Kemalists – supporters of secularism and followers of the “father of the nation” Kemal Ataturk number of top army officers. Many of them were imprisoned. After this “Hizmet” has consistently been a source of manpower for various government agencies. And most of all gyulenistov turned just in the judiciary, police and courts.

Over time, relations between the allies have deteriorated. Just do not know why, but it seems that in the case of banal struggle for power. The final split came about a year ago, when presumably associated with the Gulen prosecutor summoned for questioning chief Hakan Fidan Turkish intelligence, which, in turn, often called the right hand Erdogan. Since then, the conflict only grew. Operation “Big bribe” began shortly after the government announced its intention to close the network of private schools “Hizmeta.”

Now Prime promises to uproot the organization anywhere that she had put down roots, and calls her only as “the empire of fear.” It is curious that he almost quoted journalist Ahmed Sik, who at one time was arrested on charges of slander and threats to civil servants because of the book “The Army of the Imam,” which he described as “Hizmet” subdued Turkish special services.

It is clear that “Big bribe” a telling blow to the image of Erdogan. After all, once Prime Minister promised to imprison his father even if ulichat of corruption, and that – among his entourage dozens bribe-takers. But on the first municipal nose, and then a presidential election.

Then Prime took out his trump card – the thought of the Kemalists, ever, with the support of “Hizmeta” were convicted for alleged coup attempt. According to Erdogan, it turns out, is not opposed to reviewing their cases because some of the officers were convicted of “undeserved.”

Hardly a staunch traditionalist Erdogan ready for a real coalition with the eternal their opponents – the military. Rather, it sends a signal to Gülen: try to get me and my people – the vacant seat will come our common enemies.

One may recall last year’s Istanbul “maidan”, which came under antiislamistskimi slogans, but was quite loyal to Erdogan personally. And threatened split its traditional electorate Prime might be trying to get some support on the opposite political flank, making it clear that those that follow me, even worse.