15.04.2014 4:19

How not to quarrel with her husband

It would seem that any kind of altercation with her husband – this phenomenon is so unpredictable and uncontrollable, it is impossible to derive at least some rules of conduct during an argument. However, this view is wrong, and we women, it is worth remembering some taboos which in any case can not be broken, if we want to maintain a strong family.

Sometimes quarrel breaks out of nowhere, and after half an hour we do not remember what all the fuss is about, but continue to scream, break the dishes, slamming doors and called her lover insulting words. It is very difficult to control yourself in this state, it seems that the main goal of any dispute – to defend their point of view , and we’re trying to do it all ways available to us, looking at it, to put it mildly, is not attractive. The next day, when the passions poutihnut, we start to think about how badly behaved as insulting a loved one, but, unfortunately, correct the mistakes will not succeed. Some of the words spoken in the heat of an argument, stored for a long time, and some actions literally leave traces – in the form of broken dishes, broken furniture and torn photographs. Of course, we justify ourselves that “he deserved it, he is guilty,” but the reasons which led to a quarrel, did not explain how we quarrel. Psychologists say: families break up not because of clashes themselves, but because of how people behave during these clashes. So let’s see, what never to do during quarrels with loved ones and what your man is not committed rate, but rather the opposite – be got even stronger.


Psychologists say: families break up not because of clashes themselves, but because of how people behave during these clashes.


First, it is initially false: your sweetheart much stronger than you physically, and if he, God forbid, to answer your butt (albeit accidentally, for example, you decided to just push), then you’ll already be suffering. Secondly, those men who are not possible to lift a hand on a woman, as a rule, can not stand for this behavior and with her hand: appease bullies “by force”, they are not capable, but also to be boxers pear is also not desirable.



Another our women’s favorite “trick” that can not stand most of the stronger sex. We demonstratively leave the room or apartment, go to the street to take a breath, take a breath and calm down, and they are sitting in the four walls, in his mind just occurred and scandal, plus everything worry for us. Need I explain why men do not like it when we are literally running away from the conflict ?


During the scandal we so tempted to say something offensive: to express doubt about his mental abilities, to hurt his family and, worst of all, laugh at your favorite sexual abilities. If you practice like humiliation, you can decide in advance what you want to keep the property after divorce. Men can not stand when they are humiliated, and they would not stay close to this woman.


Didactic teacher’s tone is good with children, but certainly not with an adult independent representative of the stronger sex. This is a more sophisticated and disguised form of humiliation: “Nothing offensive I’m not saying that. But what I will say, I gave such a tone that makes you begin to doubt yourself and your abilities. “


Men hate when women turn into vixen with a sharp shrill voice.


Men hate when women turn into vixen with a sharp shrill voice. As always delicate and airy in the heat of an argument, we do not suddenly changing for the better: the face is red, his eyes are getting crazy and hysterical laughter voice reminds witches from the worst horror movie . Do you want your man seen you in such a bad light?


Of course, our narrowing ourselves sometimes sin that break down doors, stools, tables and other items, but as a popular women smashing plates they are not welcome. And everything is simple: according to men, it is not highly rational – then have to buy new dishes, which means spending money. Of course, this is not the only reason, and it’s likely that by throwing cups and wife bulonnitsa, we again behave like hysterical, but the version of the rational approach to the family budget, too, has a place to be.