Queen Elizabeth was on the verge of ruin due to dilapidated palaces...

Queen Elizabeth was on the verge of ruin due to dilapidated palaces and wasteful court

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Reserve fund of Queen Elizabeth II, in 2001 was 34 million pounds, fell to a historic low of 1 million pounds. House of Commons Commission found that the financial position of the richest monarch in the world was shaken by the crumbling palaces and inept actions of the court.

Auditors report of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts has been devoted not to all of the British queen, there were, as we know, more than 60 billion pounds, while spending on daily necessities, writes The Telegraph .

As it turned out, the Queen’s advisers not only uneconomical spent funds intended to sustain the court, the content of the royal estate and art collection, but almost exhausted reserve fund. This happened at a time when government agencies cut their costs by a third.

MPs heard the report recommended that the Ministry of Finance urgently intervene and protect the royal property from further destruction.

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, as noted in the report, in urgent need of repair, the staff is forced to substitute a bucket under the rain flows to protect works of art and antiques, and the old heating system requires a cost of more than 770,000 pounds per year. Back in 2012 39% of the area of ​​the royal residences are under threat, since then the situation has only worsened.

One of the ways to raise additional revenue could be greater openness royal palaces for visitors, says BBC . Chairman of the labor committee of the House of Commons, Margaret Hodge said that Her Majesty’s advisers irrationally administer the fund and did not hesitate in spending. So, in her opinion, only by tourists wishing to visit Buckingham Palace, it was possible to upgrade the pipeline and power supply system.


Press office of Buckingham Palace responded to criticism restrained statement, which refers to the willingness to make the system of financing palaces and castles more transparent and reprioritize disbursement.

Elizabeth II owns a lot of properties. The youngest of the palace is Sandringemsky – it 160 years. Windsor Castle about a thousand years. Recently abandoned church belonging to Queen St.. Jacob in the Forest of Dean was sold for one pound charitable foundation, which has pledged to ensure the preservation of historic buildings.

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