How to quickly get rid of nasal congestion improvised means

How to quickly get rid of nasal congestion improvised means

How to quickly get rid of nasal congestion improvised means
You do not know how to quickly get rid of nasal congestion with the help of available tools? Most read this article!

With the onset of autumn more and more cases of colds and flu. Who is not familiar with the symptoms – runny nose, cough, chills, body aches. But it is precisely at times nasal congestion bothers most of all, people do not consider it a serious disease, ignored and untreated. That is why it may take a long time. And, by the way, get rid of it very quickly and easily.

Traditional means of nasal congestion

Modern conventional medicine has in its arsenal a variety of means, which shall rob you of problems with the nose. How to quickly get rid of a stuffy nose? If you have a runny nose allergic, it is necessary to apply a drop to the antihistamine effect. Bacterial infection (discharge from the nose then acquire a greenish tinge) uses local antibiotic prescribed by a doctor (self excluded!). When the common cold are shown decongestants that can not dribble more than a week.

If you blow your nose you can not, but there is a feeling that the nostrils stuffed with cotton wool (usually before the start of a bad cold this condition lasts for a few days), you can lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment. The same one that doctors recommend to lubricate the inside of the nostrils during an outbreak of respiratory disease.

Folk medicine recommends 

How to quickly get rid of nasal congestion know healers. They use only the gifts of nature to man was healthy, and his body did not have to be treated and then from another illness. Recipes, proven over centuries, win ailment more gentle way, helping to strengthen the body as a whole.

So, when nasal congestion and runny nose in each nostril can dribble the following means:

  • Aloe juice or kalanchoe (plants that exist in virtually every home). If you feel a strong burning sensation, somehow dilute the pure juice of boiled water in the ratio of one to one.
  • Mix 1 tsp aloe juice, 1 tsp liquid (or melted) of honey and 3 tsp boiled cold water. This feature can be treated even infants and dripping nose several times a day.
  • Lubricate the inside of the nostrils sunflower oil infused with crushed garlic (per 100 ml of vegetable oil Take one small clove of garlic). This tool is also an excellent prevention of SARS.
  • Red beet juice, not only in pure form but as a dilute. Some healers are advised to use fresh juice, while others believe that the juice of boiled vegetables is more effective.

Be healthy!