14.06.2014 10:08

How to quit smoking once and for all

Everyone knows what harm they bring the body – but continue to smoke for different reasons. How to quit smoking forever?

Harmless plant brought from South America to Europe by Christopher Columbus, today is take over the world.Tobacco dependence is stronger and stronger world entangles its tentacles, and more and more people use tobacco products. Someone thinks it’s trendy, someone would want to, but does not know how to quit smoking, and abandoning an addiction, and of the harm that it brings.

Harm from smoking

Burning tobacco, whose smoke the smoker inhales over and over again in their lungs, contains a large amount of resin. Over time, just a year of active smoking, a thin layer of resin on the inside covers the lungs, hindering the absorption of oxygen from the air and causing the body to the inescapable weakness due to prolonged oxygen deprivation.

Tobacco smoke contains a huge number of substances in high concentrations are lethal poisons for humans.Nicotine – a substance alkaloid type addictive, but the main causes harm to the body, he did not. Hydrocyanic acid, carbon dioxide, products of oxidation reactions and even some fraction of heavy metals – all of this is contained in tobacco smoke and cordially met with the smoker.

Nicotine addiction leads to failure of the nervous system. Mixing with saliva, resin penetrates into the stomach from ulcers to create it. Salts of heavy metals tend to accumulate in the body, leading to serious illnesses later and oncology. More often smokers die from lung cancer or larynx, with the age of their death below average at least 10 years.

Get rid of harm

To understand how to quit smoking, you need to realize all damage this habit harm. One has to understand that he wants to live a long and healthy life, and that the lack of cigarettes for it – a very small price. Worth comparing and financial costs – imagine how much money you can accumulate over time, just stop buying cigarettes.

Helps and literature. Allen’s book Kara produces its readers a great experience, and at least a third of them are no longer takes a cigarette in his mouth.

Medicated solution also exists. For the treatment of nicotine dependence using cytisine – alkaloid in properties and annoyed bodies very close to nicotine. Cytisine is included in most of the drugs from smoking, and it really helps to keep both psychological and physical dependence in just a few days. According to experts, getting rid of drug addiction – is the most simple and efficient way of getting rid of a bad habit.