Rating Obama hit a record low, found American journalists

Rating Obama hit a record low, found American journalists

Rating Obama hit a record low, found American journalists

The president Barack Obama is now positively evaluated, only 40% of Americans. This is according to a survey commissioned by the newspaper The Washington Post and broadcaster ABC .

This result was the lowest in six years that Obama takes the presidency. In February 2009, for example, the rating of the American president was about 70%.

As for Obama’s economic policies, it supports 44% of voters. The opposite point of view, have 51% of the respondents.

The latest survey was conducted on the eve of elections in the United States Congress, and it referred to the party. So, the Democratic Party, which is Obama, a negative attitude 51% of respondents.For the first time the share of dissatisfied with this political force has exceeded the 50% mark.

However, the opposition Republican Party supports a smaller number of respondents. ABC calls the results of the poll “a crisis of confidence in the national political leadership.”

According to sociologists, which lead journalists, 57% of Americans believe that the level of life in the United States has declined steadily. In this case, a relative majority of respondents believe that under Obama, they began to live no better and worse. Almost two thirds of respondents believe that the United States strayed from the right path.

In addition, over the past few weeks has changed the attitude of the American president to act against the group “Islamic state.” If the United States struggle with these militants had previously supported 50% of the respondents, now these 35%. Washington, note heads an international coalition, its membersapplied air strikes on the positions of the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

Elections to the Congress – the legislature of the country and one of the three federal authorities in the United States – will be held on November 4. Congress consists of two chambers – the Senate and the House of Representatives.Traditionally, as the TASS in the midterm elections, taking place in the interval of two years between the presidential, the most powerful mood of protest, and supporters of the ruling party is not as prepared for the election campaign.